Dr Jin Zhe

Course Coordinator, Master of Business Information Systems
School of IT

+603 5514 5813
Room 2-4-19

Personal statement

Jin Zhe obtained his BIT (Hons) in software engineering from Multimedia University, Malaysia and he joined in Multimedia University as an Assistant Lecturer/Tutor. One year after graduation, he commenced his study towards a master's degree in MMU and completed Master of Science in I.T. He took a Lecturer position at the same university.

Two years later, he left Multimedia University and pursued his PhD study at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and completed PhD degree in engineering. After PhD study, he turned back to university as Assistant Professor at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. Before his Malaysia venture, he hold a diploma in Business and worked at banking and IT industry in China for 6 years. Since 23 January 2017, he joined School of IT, Monash University Malaysia as a Lecturer.

Academic degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia, 2015
  • Master in Science (Information Technology), Multimedia University, Malaysia, 2011
  • Degree in Information Technology (Software Engineering), Multimedia University, Malaysia, 2007

Professional affiliations

Member of International Professional Bodies

  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics, Member

Research Interests

My principal research interests focus on exploiting machine learning techniques, especiallyrobust hashing, for biometric (e.g. fingerprint, iris and voice) authentication systems toachieve higher level of security and privacy preserving. The well-known tools I haveinvestigated include Locality Sensitive Hashing, Spectral Hashing, and Random Projection
etc. Additionally, kernel methods (e.g. Kernel Principal Component Analysis, KernelizedLocality-Sensitive Hashing) are utilized for various biometric-based applications (e.g.convert variable size point data to fixed-length vector). Simultaneously, I also haveconducted investigation in security and privacy analysis for biometric systems, such as non-invertible analysis, non-linkability analysis, and secure authentication.

Research Projects

Title: Biometric Cryptosystems: bio-pin

In this project, we have developed a hybrid cancellable fingerprint based cryptosystem dubbed Bio-PIN. The system is essentially can be used for secret binding where the secret includes but not limited to private, public keys, hashed of message (for digital signature), transactional one-time pad, as well as for usual identity authentication purpose whereby PIN is the secrete in this circumstance. To be specific, we develop two essential modules for Bio-PIN, namely Index of Max (IoM) hashing as a means of cancellable biometrics and modified Fuzzy Vaults scheme for secrete (key) binding. Both of them are integrated sequentially to form a hybrid cancellable biometrics cryptosystem scheme, i.e. Bio-PIN. Fingerprint biometric is used as an input for this project but Bio-PIN is generic to be applied in any biometric form factors such as face, iris, palmprint etc. Bio-PIN is a two-factor cancellable biometric cryptosystem in which the user is expected to have both token and biometrics as input to the system


Units taught

  • FIT2094/FIT3171 - Databases
  • FIT5088 - Information and knowledge management systems
  • FIT2086 - Modelling for data analysis
  • FIT9130 - Systems analysis and design

Local grants

  • Biometric Cryptosystems: A New Fuzzy Symmetric Encryption Scheme (FSE) For Security And Privacy Protection, Jin Zhe, July 2018 – June 2021,  Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Malaysia

International grants

  • Biometric Matching in Encrypted Domain, Jin Zhe, Jan 2017 – Dec 2018,   Open Foundation of Key Laboratory of Jiangxi Province for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (Nanchang Hangkong University, China), RMB 25,000.00
  • Biometric Recognition using Deep Learning, Jin Zhe, Sep 2017, NVIDIA GPU Grant, NVIDIA Corporation, USD1,500.00
  • Research on Biometric Key Computation, Jin Zhe, Jan 2014 – Dec 2016, Nature Science Project of Anhui Province, China, RMB 60,000.00

Current supervision

Annur Syafiqah
Credit Risk Forecasting Under IFRA 9 Framework Using Credit Score Model 
2018 - Present
Monash University Malaysia

Lai Yen Lung
Secure Authentication with Noisy Sources
2017 - Present
Monash University Malaysia

Lee Ming Jie
Fingerprint Template Protection for Security and Privacy Preserving
2017 - Present
Monash University Malaysia

Dong Xing Bo
How Secure Biometric Recognition Could Be Done?
2017 - Present
Monash University Malaysia

Completed supervision

Chee Kong Yik
Security and Privacy Preserving Voice Template Protection Techniques
October 2018 - Completion

Badiul Alam
Design Of An Alignment Free Cancelable Fingerprint Template
July 2018 - Completion

Lai Yen Lung
Indexing-First-One Hashing Based Cancellable Iris Template Generation
June 2017 - Completion

Local Award/Recognition/Exhibition/Stewardship

  • ITEX 2015 (Gold) – ITEX, 2015
  • PECIPTA 2015 (Silver) – PECIPTA, 2015



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Conference Papers

  • Y. L. Lai, Z. Jin, B.M. Goi, T.Y. Chai. "Study of the similarity function in Indexing-First-One hashing", Second International Workshop on Pattern Recognition, 104431N-104431N-5, 2017.
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Journals & Conferences Reviewers

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  • IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems (ISSN: 2168-2216)
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