Computer Lab


ITS maintains and manages the Central Teaching Computer Labs Located at Building 9 Level 4, Building 9 Level 5 and Building 6 Level 6. ITS operates 7 fully equipped computer laboratories with a total of 249 computers. The Central Teaching Computer Labs are fully furnished to provide a conducive environment for lab classes, research, assignments, and projects. The Central Teaching Computer Labs are equipped with excellent audio/visual aids. Besides the computer laboratories, we also manage 115 desktop computers that are located in Building 7 Level 1 and Level 3, Library and Learning Commons, and 6 desktop computers in Building 9 Level 3, ITS Service Desk, exclusively for Internet browsing, assignments, printing and projects.

For more information about the ITS Computer Lab environment, please click here.

Booking the ITS Computer Lab

The ITS Computer Labs can be booked by Monash Staff members for events or activities that are approved by the campus. You may click this link to make a booking request. Please use your Monash IT Account to log into the booking system.