Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q : I don’t have an account to log in the computer in campus.

A : Please make sure you have completed the Monash IT Account activation at  Monash Account Registration Services. Once you have obtained the username and password, please go to Getting your Network Account.


Q : I’m unable to register. The error “sorry an error has occurred your details must match the one on your course application”. 

A : Please check whether you have entered correct Family Name (Surname), Given Name and Monash ID or VTAC ID number or you may contact Service Desk for assistance.


Q : I have completed the Monash IT Account registration but I have not received the email for the username and password. 

A: Please check your nominated email at SPAM folder or contact Service Desk for further assistance. 


Q : I forgot my password. 

A : Please contact Service Desk for password reset. Once you have change the password, please register yourself for Self Service Password Reset


Q : I couldn’t change my password. 

A : Please refer to Password Information.