HDR graduates testimonials

Dr Amutha Ramadas

PhD (Public Health), Monash

I joined the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine & Health Sciences (JCSMHS) in November 2008 to undertake my doctoral degree in Public Health. I am also thankful to Monash University Sunway campus (MUSC) for awarding me with the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) scholarship and granting a seed grant to fund the study, without which I could not have commenced my studies and conducted the research in MUSC.

Besides providing a conducive environment for conducting research, JCSMHS has also helped me in many other ways. Having a well-grounded background in the field of Nutrition and Community Health, I could design my own research project for my PhD effortlessly, with the help from my supervisory committee. My research interests are nutrition, prevention and management of non-communicable chronic diseases, and biostatistics. My PhD research was titled "Dietary Intervention among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: An e-Approach". I have developed an evidence and theory-based website to deliver personalised dietary education program to those with diabetes. The 6 months program has managed to help change and improve the participants' dietary knowledge, attitude and behaviour.

I am particularly impressed with the excellent supervision and guidance of my supervisors who have put in great effort in supervising my research work and offering their valuable expertise at the times when I needed it the most. The travel grant allocated for HDR students was instrumental in helping me to gain international exposure, whereby I was funded to present my research paper in a conference in Christchurch, New Zealand. I was also given opportunity to assist in tutorial classes and get involved in Community Based Practice programme as Academic Advisor, a role which allowed me to work closely with the MBBS students here. The lessons learned during my years in this school were not only valuable towards my PhD thesis, but have also helped to build my personal and professional character. I'm now looking at the possibility of extending such technology-driven programs to prevention and management of other non-communicable diseases.

I would like to thank JCSMHS and its staff for a wonderfully engaging and challenging three years of doctoral studies. The quality and excellence of the school has led to me recommending the HDR program to friends and juniors who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in this world-class university.


Dr Christina Gertrude Yap

PhD (Pharmacology), Monash

I feel very privileged indeed to have been a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) student at the Jeffery Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences (JCSMHS). Monash being one of the world’s top universities, it did at first make me wonder whether I could meet up with its prestigious standards. It was the theme of the Monash advertising tagline which inspired me to “GO BOLDLY”. Subsequently, the ambience and the research culture built within the faculty secured me the confidence to embark on a PhD project, to enhance my ambition as a medical researcher to higher level.

I carried out extensive and comprehensive research on early risk predictors for diabetic nephropathy under the able supervision of a well-known endocrinologist and his team. The team of supervisors has given me constant support, guidance and constructive feedback throughout my candidature. Studying at JCSMHS has given me a great opportunity to interact with many local and international students and develop colleagiality and professionalism among the international multi ethnic group of students.

My experience as a student and researcher at Monash has been a rewarding journey for me. Currently, I am employed at JCSMHS as a lecturer and still pursuing my research interest as well as adopting the Monash motto “Ancora Imparo” (“I am still learning”). Indeed, the search for knowledge never ends, like a journey without destination.