Undergraduate courses

Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences (JCSMHS) offers in-demand undergraduate courses in the fields of medicine, psychology and medical science. We provide a rich and dynamic learning environment with cutting-edge teaching and learning facilities. Our experienced academicians are experts in their field and also give students insightful exposure to their research. Students are encouraged to think critically and adopt independent learning to ensure high quality and lifelong learning.

Our undergraduate courses

Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD)

KPT/JPT (R2/721/6/0026) 06/25 - MQA/FA5833

Bachelor of Psychology

KPT/JPT (R/311/6/0068) 05/25 - MQA/SWA11799

Bachelor of Psychology and Business

KPT/JPT (R3/311/6/0008) 12/26 - MQA/SWA0125

Bachelor of Human Nutrition

KPT/JPT (N/726/6/0096) 4/27- MQA/PSA 15176

Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours)

KPT/JPT (R2/721/6/0002) 11/25 - MQA/SWA0160

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

KPT/JPT (R2/311/6/0067) 10/25 - MQA/SWA0131


Course Accreditation