What our Young Scholars say

Muhammad Faiz Bin Johan Arief

I had the privilege of working on a neuropharmacology project that evaluated the effect of anti-epileptic drugs on cognitive function in a zebrafish model. I also wrote an article about the importance of non-mammalian models in epilepsy research enabled me to make my own logical opinions based on the available evidence.

Cheryl Tang

I was involved in a research project that explored the perceived barrier to exercise among pregnant women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). I had limited medical knowledge about the topic when I started but my supervisors were very patient and guided and me along the way. In the short period of my internship it was very clear to me Monash University not only has excellent research facilities and resources but also an excellent team of professionals and doctors who can guide young students like me.

Lee Yennie

I had the honour of assisting a project in Brain Research Institute, Monash Sunway. During my internship, I also got to partake in debates and presentations. It was through those activities that I learnt to work alongside people with vastly differing opinions on the same topic. Not only that, I was also involved in some conferences that were organised by the program coordinators which taught me a lot from research misconduct to having a broader understanding of what research truly is.

Jeevan K Karuppannan

I was able to experience the complete process of conducting a research - starting off with the literature search, then constructing the questionnaire, conducting the survey and finally ending with the write up of the research report. YSP also taught us the beauty of working together in a team. We capitalize on each other’s strengths by supporting each other.