Course outline

The curriculum is designed as an integrated program incorporating four themes, within which semester-long units are taught by staff from a range of disciplines across the school, in an interdisciplinary fashion.

Year One

During the early years of the course, the basic medical and behavioural sciences (anatomy, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, physiology, psychology and sociology) are introduced within inter-disciplinary units. In all of these units, there will be a major focus on clinical issues through problem-based cases and visits to clinical sites.

Year Two

In the second year, the students also participate in community based program placements where they spend time working in a community setting with clients of welfare agencies. They also spend time in our rural site at Segamat.

Year Three

In the third year, the students will study integrated medicine and surgery, which will be taught together with a series of problem-based learning sessions and bedside sessions in clinical settings.

Year Four

The fourth year will be taken up with core clinical rotations in women’s and children’s health, general practice, and psychological medicine.

Year Five

The fifth year of the course will be structured as a series of pre-intern placements and electives, where students will have the opportunity to complete their degree by gaining wider experience in important disciplines and specific areas of interest through a range of urban, rural and overseas settings.

The entire MBBS course is completed in Malaysia, with the exception of three months in the final year of the program, where students will be trained in clinical settings in Australia. Students are allowed to undertake additional components of Years Two, Three, Four and Five in Australia, subject to the availability of clinical places.