“The practical sessions were really good as they helped us to look thoroughly at the topics that we were learning. The group discussions helped us to clarify our doubts……please continue these every week. The peer demonstration sessions were helpful because I made sure that I learnt my part well when I delivered a presentation to the whole class”. — MBBS Year 1 student

“The OSCAR [Objective Structured Clinical Anatomy Review] was good.”.....“Can we have OSCAR every week?” ...“It was very stimulating and helped increased my desire to study more about anatomy… (tough stuff, though).” — MBBS Year 1 student

“The Year 1 and 2 anatomy teaching was indeed useful…; more so the extra emphasis that was put on clinical relevance or application of theoretical anatomy knowledge, which are extremely useful during clinical years. The clinicians would always be asking questions on clinical anatomy, not just during surgical postings. The anatomy practical sessions were useful to bring together all the bits and pieces of knowledge and also helped to consolidate the lectures. It was also a fun opportunity to learn as a group and also teach one another.” — MBBS Year 5 student

“There was a remarkable improvement in the student’s participation in learning when the innovative practical strategy was introduced. Their activities during the practical sessions were more focused and productive. I was astonished that they took the peer teaching seriously and made sincere efforts in improving their presentations.” — Associate Professor, JCSMHS and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

“The learning objectives of the curriculum and the teaching methods were very well done; it motivated and helped maintain the students’ interest and participation. — Associate Professor, FOM, Monash University Australia