Book Project: On Becoming a Doctor

In conjunction with the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences’ celebration of 10 years of Quality Medical Education, the Clinical School Johor Bahru will be working towards publishing a book titled “On Becoming a Doctor”.

We would like to invite current medical students and alumni to contribute articles in relation to your journey on becoming a doctor.

The path to becoming a physician is not easy. It takes wisdom and dedication to persevere through challenges and compassion to serve people in need of care. There are many stories and precious moments in this journey including the ups and downs, excitements and disappointments, friendships, life lessons and so on.  We believe that it is valuable to have these stories told and heard.

Participants of this project will be given certificates. Tokens of appreciation will be offered to selected articles.


  • Any form of writing that captures your personal experiences on becoming a doctor, including but not restricted to stories, essays, letters, journal, poetry etc. in Word document with no more than 1500 words;

  • Relevant photos can be included with the writing; photos with patients will NOT be accepted.

  • All writing and photos must be original and permissible to be used for publication

For enquiries, kindly email to or to the organising committee.

Organising Committee

Reflective questions on personal experience on becoming a doctor can be provided upon request.

For submission, please fill in this online form.

Submission deadline: 15 January 2017