CSJB Health and Wellness Week 2017

The Health and Wellness Week aims to promote healthy and happy living among campus community members based on the concepts of “Eat healthy and get active” and “Work-life balance”. It is organised by the Counselling Services, Student Experience and Student Support Committee, in collaboration with the Occupational Health and Safety Environment and Monash University Medicos Society.

* Date: 14-20 April 2017
* Venue: Clinical School Johor Bahru

Programs of the week:

14 April

17 April

18 April

19 April

20 April

8 am – 10 am

Health Screening

4 pm – 5.30 pm



Opening Ceremony

5pm – 7pm

Cooking Competition

5 pm – 7pm



4pm – 5pm

Fun with Clay

6pm – 9pm


International Medical

Film Festival

* For student participation and enquiries, please contact Student Support Committee
Year 4 reps: Tay Yu Ting and Ng En Yng
Year 3 reps:  Hadia, Shiidhesh, Lay Teng and Himashi

*Online Registration: https://goo.gl/nMFnpe

Program Description

1)  Health Screening

– 14-20 April 2017 (Monday to Thursday) from 8am to 10 am – Level 3, Clinical Research Office, Monash 1

Health screening is an important part of preventive health services to detect early risk for diabetes and cardiovascular and heart diseases.
Basic health screening is provided to our students, faculty and professional staffs throughout the week, 14-20 April (Friday to Thursday) from 8 am to 10 am.
Health screening conducted includes:
* Measurement of Body Mass Index and waist circumference for the detection and monitoring of obesity
* Fasting glucose test for the detection and monitoring of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  
* M50 profile tests inclusive of full blood examination, renal function, liver function, diabetic screen, lipid studies and urine feme

2) Zumba Session

– Student Activity Area, Monash 1
– 14 April 2017 (Friday) from 4pm to 5.30pm

Zumba is a fun and healthy group aerobic exercise that mixes in dance moves with energetic music. It is a total-body workout effective for burning calories and strengthening our muscles. Through sweating and laughing together with other people, it enhances our physical and emotional wellbeing.

3) Healthy Cooking Competition “Colourful Meal”

– 17 April 2017 (Mon), 5 pm – 7pm – Foyer , Monash 1
Healthy cooking competition is a test on our awareness of healthier food choices and their ability to prepare a healthy and hearty meal in a short period of time.
Prizes will be offered to health-conscious contestants with great culinary skills.
Participation: 2 persons in a team, max. 10 groups

4)  Amazing Race

– 18 April 2017 (Tuesday) from 5 pm to 7pm – Foyer, Monash 1
Amazing Race is a fun activity that stresses on speed, teamwork and problem solving skills. Through overcoming obstacles and challenges together, it fosters friendship and emotional connection among students.  
Participation: 3 persons in a team max. 10 groups

5) Fun with Clay

– 19 April 2017 (Wednesday) from 4pm to 5.30pm
– Student Activity Area, Monash 1

Fun with Fun is a clay art session delivered to promote creativity, self-consciousness and stress relief.

6)  MedFest International Film Festival

– 20 April 2017 (Thursday), from 6pm to 9pm
– Lecture Theatre, Monash 3

MedFest is a global, medically themed film festival seeking to increase interest in psychiatry and to inspire people through films. An array of short films, clips and animations will be shown and discussed by a panel of distinguished faces from the mental health field before the floor is opened to audience for remarks and reflections.