Message from the Director

BRIMS is a young institute where members work collegiality with passion for science. We aim to provide a unique opportunity to work across key disciplines to achieve multiple aims in Brain Science. The current main themes are to identify the mechanisms and possible treatments of addiction, depression, dementia and autism. We also wish to identify the key factors and brain areas involved in reproductive ageing and related neuropsychiatric disorders.

Over the last ten years, BRIMS has witnessed significant growth in neuroscience. We are excited about the continuing potential for science in Malaysia and hope to continue to expand the frontiers of reproductive brain ageing. BRIMS has successfully formed linkages with local and international institutes through various research projects. I hope that BRIMS will become a core and a catalyst for multi-disciplinary, integrated, and collaborative researches that can be promoted and developed amongst institutions to enhance neuroscience research output in Asia-Oceania region.

For this purpose, we will be guided by our vision of becoming an internationally recognized leader in neuroscience research. With our talented researchers and good administrators, BRIMS hopes to contribute to capacity-building in Malaysia by providing platform technologies, technical expertise as well as training opportunities for researchers. On behalf of the members of BRIMS and myself, I thank you for your time in viewing our webpage.

Professor Ishwar Parhar
Director of Brain Research Institute Monash Sunway (BRIMS)