HDR graduates & current students


Dr Ireneous Ngmenlanaa Soyiri

Research title: Developing tools for asthma forecast in London.

Dr Sazlina Bt Shariff Ghazali

Research title: Promoting Physical activity in sedentary older people with type 2 diabetes.

Dr Sharuna Elizabeth Verghis

Research title: Assessment of status of reproductive health needs of refugees women from Myanmar in the Klang Valley and their access to reproductive health services.

Current HDR Students – Doctorate

Ms Anne Jamaluddin

Research title: Accidental vs non-accidental injuries amongst children in Malaysia: Addressing the ‘grey’ areas of underlying cause and intent of injuries.

Ms Edith Koryo Wellington

Research title: Funding Mechanisms for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and Tobacco Control: A case study of Ghana.

Dr Fanna Fatima Mairami

Research title: Coping strategies and impact of social support‎ on recovery following stroke in South east Asia.

Dr Foo Chee Yoong

Research title: Organizational factors and health care quality.

Mr Julius Cheah

Research title: Catastrophe and impoverishment from diabetes: an exploration of the economic burden of diabetes care.

Mr Kanason Rajagobal

Research title: The experience of stroke in informal care-giving in Southeast Asia: Is informal care-giving disabling?

Mr Keivan Ahmadi

Research title: Transformation of HIV/ AIDS - related stigma among future health care professionals.

Ms Lavanya  Vijayasingham

Research title: Working with Chronic conditions.

Ms Mariani Bt Ahmad Nizaruddin

Research title: Dispensing separation.

Dr Mohd Masood

Research title: Cultural and economic macro-environmental determinants of obesity: An analysis of 70 countries.

Ms Naleena Devi Muniandy

Research title: Complementary feeding and the early origins of obesity risk.

Ms Naleena Devi Muniandy

Research title: Complementary feeding and the early origins of obesity risk.

Ms Nirmala Devarajan

Research title – Investment in quality assurance: Where does the value lie in research infrastructure development?

Mr Osei Bonsu Kwadwo

Research title: Role of statins in the management and outcomes of patients with heart failure.

Mr Raymond Akawire Aborigo

Research title: Contextualizing Maternal Morbidity and mortality through maternal health audits.

Ms Sangeeta Kaur A/P Darshan Singh

Research title: Exploration of family and social influences on alcohol consumption within three ethnicities in Malaysia.

Ms Saraswathy Venkataraman

Research title: Understanding risk factors for injuries amongst the elderly population in long-term nursing care facilities and shelter in homes in the Klang Valley.

Ms Tan Min Min

Research title: Religion and healthy eating among the Seventh-Day Adventists in West Malaysia.

Mr Wong Young Soon

Research title: Healthcare as commons: an exploration of the contributions of a common approach to the improvement of health of marginalized indigenous peoples

Ms Yap Kwong Hsia

Research title: Healthcare for the chronically ill elderly: coping measures and outcomes

Current HDR Students – Masters

Mr Kridaraan Komahan