Biomedical research laboratories at the Bandar Sunway campus and Clinical School Johor Bahru

→ Virology research lab, cancer and molecular biology research lab, protein and metabolic research lab.

Monash-Agilent Microarray Service Centre

→ A centre that provides the opportunity to access advanced technologies to strengthen genomics research in diabetes, cancer, neurobiology and infectious diseases.

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LC-MS/MS Laboratory

(services available)

Clinical Research Centre

→ Medical Precinct at the Bandar Sunway campus and Clinical School Johor Bahru.

Neuroscience facilities

→ Neurogenomics Lab, Neuroproteomics Lab, Neuromorphology Lab, Neuroimaging Lab.

Medicinal Chemistry – Drug discovery program

→ Pharmaceutical sciences, nanoparticles and natural products chemistry.

Global Public Health Research Centre

→ Global Public Health, SEACO and Accident Research Centre.

Psychology Research Centre

→ Psychological sciences research.