Drug Discovery Platform

The Drug Discovery platform encompasses expertise in the first steps of the drug discovery process (target identification and validation, hit finding and lead optimization), contributing significantly towards lead time and cost reduction involved in the process from initial project proposals to the start of their clinical phase. It also endeavors to kindle innovation in biological research by providing access to cutting edge drug screening and evaluation resources with a particular emphasis on developing novel drugs to improve human and animal health, and biotechnological improvement of aquaculture for food security.

In 2016, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) facility was created by the Drug Discovery Platform. iPSC technology is a useful research tool for regenerative medicine and  for the development of  new treatments.
By way of collaborations between the University’s academic researchers with other fellow research institutes and universities within the scientific community as well as the industry in Malaysia, JCSMHS strives with the objective of advancing the most exciting scientific breakthroughs beyond the lab towards the development of patentable and marketable drugs suited for clinical studies.


  • Division of Regenerative Medicine, Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan
  • School of Agriculture, Meiji University, Kanagawa, Japan
  • The Graduate School of Science and Engineering, University of Toyama, Japan

Industrial Partner

  • Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, Malaysia


Rotary Evaporator (left) and Fish Behavior Analysis (right)

Micro-Plate Reader

Rat / mouse behaviour analysis system

Azure C300 Chemiluminescent Western Blot Imaging System

Other Instrumentation Featured:

  • Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy (Belongs to School of Medicine)
  • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy (belongs to School of Engineering)
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography System
  • Western Blot
  • Fish Behavior Analysis System
  • Cell Culture system (Incubator, Cell Counter system)
  • Freeze Drier

Services Available:

  • Extraction, Isolation and Characterization (Plant / Compound)
  • Toxicity Test (In Vitro / In Vivo)
  • Pharmacological Screening (In Vitro / In Vivo)
  • Molecular Pharmacological Study (In Vitro / In Vivo)
  • Reporter Assay (In Vitro)
  • Behavior Analysis


  • Anxiety-like behavior
  • Depressive behavior
  • Circadian Rhythm, Sleep Disorder
  • Pre-pulse Inhibition Test
  • Social Interactive Behavior
  • Learning and memory


  • Anxiety and Fear Response
  • Addiction
  • Sleep Disorder

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