Neurogenomics Lab

The Neurogenomics Lab has established a strong infrastructure in molecular biology which is the study of gene functions and genetics which is the study of the effect of genetic differences on brain and brain diseases. The facility supports a wide range of studies related to molecular biology and genetics.


  • Tohoku University (Japan)
  • University of Malaya


DNA sequencer

→ A DNA sequencer by a Sanger sequencing method.

Thermal cycler

→ For PCR and enzyme reaction.

Real-time PCR

→ A 96well real-time PCR, applicable for SYBR green based
real-time PCR, TaqMan PCR based real-time PCR and genotyping.

Gel electrophoresis system

→ A system of agarose gel electrophoresis.


→ An ultraviolet visible spectrometer to quantify and assess purity of DNA, RNA, protein and so on.

Chemi-luminescence detection system

→ A system to detect and quantify chemiluminescence, applicable for luciferase assay and so on.


→ A system to inject precise amount into cells, applicable for transgenic animal creation, small amount injection to tissues and so on.

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