Research strengths

Cardio-metabolic research

The Cardio Metabolic Research Strength draws upon the wealth of multidisciplinary research expertise and long term experience of its’ diverse members. There are four basic thrust areas which encompass diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and indigenous health. Our activities are focused on clinical and laboratory based experimental research and development within Monash University Malaysia (located in Bandar Sunway and Johor Baru Clinical School) and access to other collaborating research facilities.

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Infection and immunity

This Research Strength provides a platform for microbiologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, pathologists, biochemists, geneticists, clinicians and sociologists to venture into studies, investigations and research involving pathogens, the host, the environment and their interactions. The research group has a diversity of interests and a strong emphasis on research into the understanding of infections caused by pathogenic microorganism (bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasites), their immune responses and defence mechanisms.

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JCSMHS aims to provide pre-eminent facilities of excellence for neuroscience research and education in South-East Asia and make a major contribution to the translation of research into clinical and technological applications in the neurosciences. The Neuroscience Research Strength will draw on a number of other disciplines (engineering, science, IT and nanoscience) at the Monash Clayton and Monash University Malaysia.

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Global Public Health

Global Public Health at Monash University Malaysia is an interdisciplinary research strength that brings together the social, clinical, and public health sciences to work closely with government and community in the development of relevant, evidence based and sustainable solutions to public health challenges that acknowledge the complexities in local and global contemporary society.

Our research focuses on understanding and capturing these complexities in health and the disease processes and building the capacity of public health leaders to translate evidence into policy and practice. The research addressed covers broad areas that include: Systems, culture and society; Choice and life style; and Work and environment.

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