Associate Professor Shian-Ling Keng

Associate Professor

Tel: +603 5514 5612
Office: Room 4-4-09

Profile Summary

Dr Shian-Ling Keng is Associate Professor and Research Coordinator in the Department of Psychology at Monash University Malaysia. She is trained as a clinical psychologist, and her research focuses on the effects and mechanisms through which mindfulness-based interventions affect psychological and physical health. She is also interested in examining cross-cultural presentations of psychological disorders (e.g., borderline personality disorder) and dissemination of evidence-based interventions in Southeast Asia. Dr Keng received her research and clinical training in the United States, and completed her clinical psychology residency at the Borderline Personality Disorder Clinic and Mood Disorders Clinic at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Toronto, Canada. Prior to joining Monash University Malaysia, she was a tenured associate professor at the Division of Psychology at Yale-NUS College (2017–2021) and an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the National University of Singapore (2013–2017).

Clinically, Dr Keng has received training in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and mindfulness-based intervention approaches, such as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). Dr Keng has worked in hospital and clinic settings with patients of a variety of diagnoses, including mood, anxiety, substance use, and personality disorders. She aspires to help improve the quality and accessibility of mental health services in Southeast Asia through teaching, research, advocacy, and community outreach.

Academic Qualifications

B.Sc. (Psychology and Biology; Graduation with Distinction in Psychology), Duke University, USA

M.A. (Psychology), Duke University, USA

Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), Duke University, USA

Professional Affiliations

Member, Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology

Member, Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (USA)

Life Member, Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology (USA)

Research Interests

  • Effects of mindfulness-based interventions on psychological health
  • Mindfulness and biological aging
  • Association between trait mindfulness, self-compassion, and psychological health
  • Cross-cultural presentations of psychological disorders (particularly borderline personality disorder)
  • Dissemination of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) in the Southeast Asian context
  • Behavioral and health correlates of the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g., PsyCorona Study)


Book Chapters

Keng, S.-L. (2017).Use of mindfulness in promoting treatment engagement. In William O'Donohue, Larry James, & Cassandra Snipes (Ed.). Practical Strategies and Tools to Promote Treatment Engagement (pp. 75-90). Cham: Springer Publishing.

Tan, S. Y.,& Keng, S.-L. (2019). Application of mindfulness-based approaches in the context of social work. In Rosalind Ow & Abner Poon (Ed.). Social Work and Mental Health. Singapore: Springer.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Keng, S.-L. & Hwang, E. Z. N. (in press, 2022). Self-compassion as a moderator of the association between COVID-19 stressors and psychological symptoms: A longitudinal study. Behaviour Change.

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Research Grants

Project title: The Influence of Adolescent Temperament/ Personality and Parenting on Adolescent Psychosocial Outcomes (2018-2021)
Sponsor: Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore
Role: Principal Investigator
Amount: SGD113,353.68

Project title: Effects, Mechanisms, and Dissemination of Mindfulness-based and Cognitive Behavioral Interventions (2017-2021)
Sponsor: Yale-NUS College
Role: Principal Investigator
Amount: SGD60,000

Project title: Honesty, Humility, and Humanity: How the Epigenome and Mindfulness Shape Moral Decision Making
Sponsor: World Templeton Foundation
Role: Co-Investigator
Amount: USD999,825

Project title: Effects of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction on Emotion and Cognitive Functioning among Singaporean Elderly
Sponsor: Center for Family and Population Research, National University of Singapore
Role: Principal Investigator
Amount: SGD10,000

Project title: Effects and Mechanisms of Mindfulness-based Interventions and Emotion Regulation Strategies
Sponsor: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore
Role: Principal Investigator
Amount: SGD180,000

Project title: Transition from Treatment to Survivorship: Effects of an E-Home based Symptom Management and Mindfulness Training Program on Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Survivors
Sponsor: Singapore Cancer Society
Role: Co-Investigator
Amount: SGD186,051

Research Supervision

PhD in Psychology (National University of Singapore)

Stephanie Lee Si Min (2017–2021)

Sukriti Drabu (2016–2019)

Master of Clinical Psychology (National University of Singapore)

Looi Pei Shan (2016–2018)

Elysia Tan Li Yan (2016–2018)

Lim Jia Li (co-supervision) (2015–2017)

Marian Heng (2015–2017)

Lee Yirong (2014–2016)

Michelle Tan Su Qing (2014–2016)

Nurulhuda Binte Abdul Rahman (2013–2015)

Kenny Liew Wei Lun (2013–2015)

Undergraduate Honors Thesis (Monash University Malaysia)

Toh Yuhang (2022–Present)

Clarissa Tanin (2022–Present)

Neshan Anantha Rajah (2022–Present)

Undergraduate Honors Thesis (National University of Singapore)

Andy Teo Hong Kiat (2017–2018)

Cassandra See Cheng Hui (co-supervision) (2016–2017)

Ang Qiuluan (2016–2017)

Charmaine Lee Siew Ling (2016–2017)

Tan Hui Han (2016–2017)

Choo Xinrong (2015–2016)

Tan Sze Chuan (2015–2016)

Soh Chang Yuan (2015–2016)

Tan Jun Xian (2015–2016)

Bernice Lin Xiang Ting (2014–2015)

Elysia Tan Li Yan (2014–2015)

Stanley Seah Tien Hong (2014–2015)

Undergraduate Capstone Thesis (Yale-NUS College)

Joseph Chin Wei Ern (2020–2021)

Emily Hwang Zhen Ning (2020–2021)

Hajin Hyun (2019–2020)

Nina Clare D’Costa (2019–2020)

Saw Young Ern (2019–2020)

Khor Xun Quan (2018–2019)

Crystal Lee Yun See (2017–2018)

Keith Tong Jia Jun (2017–2018)

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