Dr Alina Arulsamy

Research Fellow

Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine & Health Sciences

Email: alina.arulsamy@monash.edu

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0993-5622

Profile Summary

Dr Alina Arulsamy is a postdoctoral research fellow in Monash. Her research journey began in 2013, where she joined the Brain Research Institute of Monash Sunway (BRIMS) to undertake an honours research project. After graduating with first class honours, Dr Alina was offered a six-month contract as a research assistant at Monash University Malaysia. During this time, she helped her former co-supervisor in setting up animal behavioural protocols, assisting PhD students in their behavioural, cellular and molecular work, and co-authoring a couple of review articles. These publications awarded her a full PhD scholarship (Beacon of Enlightenment scholarship) at the University of Adelaide, Australia. During her PhD program under the Cognitive Ageing and Neurodegenerative Diseases Lab (CANDL), she developed her passion and expertise in traumatic brain injury. She completed her PhD in due time, with at least ten conference/seminar/workshop presentations, seven publications (three as first author), one shortlisted candidacy for a CMAX (research-business translation) award, and a dean commendation on her thesis for research excellence.

After her PhD, she took a year off in 2019 to focus on herself and travel the world. Twenty-one countries later, she was offered a postdoctoral research position at Monash University Malaysia to work under the guidance of her former supervisor, Dr Mohmad Farooq Shaikh, in March 2020. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, she managed to obtain six publications and co-supervised three Year 5 medical students in their Scholarly Intensive Placement (SIP) projects. Besides that, she also was awarded an internal grant worth RM10,000 for one of her projects; she also helped in securing another internal grant worth RM100,000 as a co-investigator on another project. Recently, she was appointed as a secretariat for the First Malaysian Epilepsy Congress 2021 and 34th MSPP Scientific Meeting 2021.

Dr Alina’s main expertise lie in traumatic brain injury and animal behaviour studies. She has also ventured into other research areas such as neurodegenerative disease, neuropsychiatry disorders, epilepsy, and more recently, gut microbiota analysis.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Adelaide, Australia (2015–2019)
  • Honours Degree of Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Monash University Malaysia (2013–2014)
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Monash University Malaysia (2010–2013)

Research Experience

  • Research Fellow, Monash University Malaysia (Current)
  • Research Assistant, Monash University Malaysia (2015)

Work Experience

  • Lab Demonstrator, University of Adelaide (2016–2018)
  • Research Assistant, Monash University Malaysia (2015)
  • Intern, Lablink KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital, Malaysia (Dec 2011–Jan 2012)

Research Interests

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Epilepsy
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Animal studies in drug discovery


Journal Articles

Arulsamy A, Goh BH, Shaikh MF, Current status of epilepsy in Malaysia and way ahead, International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 7(1):2-5 01 Jan 2015.

Arulsamy A, Shaikh MF, The impact of epilepsy on the manifestation of anxiety disorder, International Journal of Nutrition, Pharmacology, Neurological Diseases 6(1):3-11 01 Jan 2016.

Arulsamy A, Kumari Y, Shaikh MF, Reverse Pharmacology: Fast Track Path of Drug Discovery, Pharmacy and Pharmacology International Journal, 4(3), 2016.

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Corrigan F, Arulsamy A, Collins-Praino L, Holmes J, Vink R, Toll like receptor 4 activation can be either detrimental or beneficial following mild repetitive traumatic brain injury depending on timing of activation, Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, 64(3); 124-139, 2017.

Collins-Praino L, Arulsamy A, Katharesan V, Corrigan F, The effect of an acute systemic inflammatory insult on the chronic effects of a single mild traumatic brain injury, Behavioural Brain Research, 336; 22-31, 2017.

Arulsamy, A, Teng, J, Colton, H, Corrigan, F, Collins-Praino, L, Evaluation of early chronic functional outcomes and their relationship to pre-frontal cortex and hippocampal pathology following moderate-severe traumatic brain injury, Behavioural Brain Research, 348; 127-138, 2018.

Collins-Praino, LE, Gutschmidt, D, Sharkey, J, Arulsamy, A, Corrigan, F, Temporal changes in tau phosphorylation and related kinase and phosphatases following two models of traumatic brain injury, Journal of Neuroinflammation and Neurodegenerative Disease, 2(1); 100007, 2018.

Arulsamy, A, Jaiswal, YS, Goh, BH, Bhuvanendran, S, Retinasamy, T, Kumari, Y, Othman, I, Williams, LL, Shaikh, MF. Neuroactive drugs–A perspective on drugs of synthetic and medicinal plants origin. Pharm Pharmacol Int J. 2018;6(6):422‒430.

Arulsamy A, Corrigan, F, Collins-Praino, L, Cognitive and neuropsychiatric impairments vary as a function of injury severity at 12 months post-experimental diffuse traumatic brain injury: Implications for dementia development, Behavioural Brain Research, 365; 66-76, 2019

Arulsamy, A, Corrigan, F, Collins-Praino, LE, Age, but not severity of injury, mediates decline in executive function: Validation of the rodent touchscreen paradigm for preclinical models of traumatic brain injury, Behavioural Brain Research, 368; 111912, 2019.

Arulsamy, A, Shaikh, MF, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha, the pathological key of post-traumatic epilepsy: A comprehensive systematic review, ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 11(13), 1900-1908, 2020.

Arulsamy, A, Shaikh, MF, Current status of traumatic brain injury research in Malaysia: A systematic review, Neuroscience Research Notes, 3(4), 1-21, 2020.

Arulsamy, A, Tan, QY, Balasubramaniam, V, O’Brien, TJ, Shaikh, MF, Gut Microbiota and Epilepsy: A Systematic Review on Their Relationship and Possible Therapeutics, ACS Chemical Neuroscience,11 (21), 3488-3498, 2020.

Zulazmi, NA, Arulsamy, A, Ali, I, Zainal Abidin, SA, Othman, I, Shaikh, MF, The utilization of small non‐mammals in traumatic brain injury research: A systematic review, CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics, 27 (4) 381-402, 2020.

Akyuz, E, Doganyigit, Z, Paudel, YN, Koklu, B, Kaymak, E, Villa, C, Arulsamy, A, Shaikh, MF, Devinsky, O, Immunoreactivity of Muscarinic Acetylcholine M2 and Serotonin 5-HT2B Receptors, Norepinephrine Transporter and Kir Channels in a Model of Epilepsy, Life, 11(4), 276, 2021.

Akyuz, E, Kullu, I, Arulsamy, A, Shaikh, MF, Melatonin as an Antiepileptic Molecule: Therapeutic Implications via Neuroprotective and Inflammatory Mechanisms, ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 12(8), 1281-1292, 2021.

Akyuz, E, Uner, AK, Koklu, B, Arulsamy, A, Shaikh, MF, Cardiorespiratory findings in epilepsy: A recent review on outcomes and pathophysiology, Journal of Neuroscience Research, 00: 1– 15, 2021.


1st Malaysian Epilepsy Congress 2021, online, Malaysia (e-poster)

7th AOCCN 2020, online, Malaysia (e-poster)

38th Australasian Neuroscience Conference 2018 (ANS 2018), Brisbane, Queensland (poster)

Society For Neuroscience (SFN 2018), San Diego, USA, (poster)

Florey Postgraduate Research Conference 2016,2018, Adelaide, South Australia (poster)

Australian Society For Medical Research (ASMR) Scientific Meeting 2018, Adelaide, South Australia (oral presentation)

HUPO Brain Protein Project 2018 Workshop, Adelaide, South Australia (oral presentation)

7TH Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society (ACNS 2017), Adelaide, South Australia (e-poster)

37th Australasian Neuroscience Conference 2017 (ANS 2017), Sydney, NSW (poster)

Neurotrauma Conference (Wicking Dementia) 2016, Hobart, Tasmania (poster)

36th Australasian Neuroscience Conference 2016 (ANS 2016), Hobart, Tasmania (poster)

Research Grants

  • Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Science (JCSMHS) Seed Grant, 2020, RM10,000 (as Principal Investigator)
  • Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Science (JCSMHS) Strategic Grant, 2021, RM100,000 (as Co-Investigator)

Research Supervision

Awards and Achievements

  • JPA-government scholarship (Bachelor’s at Monash University Malaysia)
  • Beacon of Enlightenment scholarship (PhD at University of Adelaide)
  • Student Travel Award (University of Adelaide 2017 & 2018, ACNS 2017)
  • Shortlisted for business partnership prize sponsored by CMAX in Adelaide, 2018

Journal Reviewer

  • Inflammopharmacology Journal (2021), Impact Factor: 3.238

Journal Clubs Invites

  • Invited Speaker for Journal Club by Neuropharmacology Lab in Monash University Malaysia, 2019
  • Invited Speaker for Journal Club by University of Health Sciences, International Medicine Faculty, Department of Biophysics, Istanbul/Turkey 2021

Professional Memberships

  • Member of Australasian Neuroscience Society (ANS) (2017–2019)
  • Member of Society for Neuroscience (SfN) (2018)
  • Member of Australasian Women in Neuroscience (2018–present)
  • 2018-present Member of Cheeky Scientist Association (CSA) (2018–present)
  • Member of Malaysian Society for Neuroscience (MSN) (2020–present)
  • Member of International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN) (2021–present)