Loheswary Arumugam


Email: Loheswary.Arumugam1@monash.edu
Tel: +603 5514 4467
Office: Room 4-4-01

Profile Summary

Mrs Loheswary Arumugam is a Registered Consultant Clinical Psychologist. She has completed her specialty training with nearly 7,000 hours and a full registered member of Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology, Singapore Psychological Society and a Board-Certified Cognitive Specialist with IBCCES, USA. She has been teaching psychology subjects since 2015 in various private universities and been supervising Master of clinical psychology students for their clinical and research work.

In addition to her standard training, Mrs Loheswary has completed Choice Theory Reality therapy certification program from William Glasser Institute, USA, and received extensive training in Psychodynamic Therapy and Mental Health First Aider, certified by MHFA, Australia, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family and Marriage Therapy.

Currently, she had submitted her PhD research in the area of Forensic Psychology to be considered as a specialist in the field of clinical psychology and forensic psychology. She has been working on eyewitness memory in children with ADHD and been investigating if Ritalin been effective in increasing accuracy in eyewitness testimony in children with ADHD as well as the use of interrogation techniques in children with ADHD to increase their accuracy.

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Psychological Science – The University of Adelaide

Master of Clinical Psychology – HELP University

PhD in Forensic Psychology – Monash University (Submitted March 2022)


Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP)

Singapore Psychological Society (SPS)

International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES)

Research Interests


Research Grants

Research Supervision

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