Associate Professor Quek Kia Fatt

Associate Professor

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Fax: +603 5514 6323
Office: Room 4-4-22

Profile Summary

Associate Professor Dr Quek Kia Fatt received his PhD from University Malaya in 2002. He joined Monash University Malaysia as an associate professor in Community Health in 2006.  He is a member of cardio metabolic and infection and immunity research clusters at Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences.  He has great interest in research related to community or public health research. One of his areas of interest is related to epidemiology of non-communicable and communicable diseases. He has also more than 20 years’ experience in the field of statistics. With his expertise, he has served as consultant providing consultation/advisor to local industries/agencies, researchers and journals.


  • Master of Philosophy (Medical and Health Sciences), University Malaya
  • Master of Applied Statistics, University Malaya
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University Malaya
  • Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, Monash University


  • Royal Society of Public Health, UK (FRSPH)

Research / Education interests

Research Interests

  • Non-communicable/communicable diseases
  • Well-being and quality of life
  • Men’s health

Fields of Interest

  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Health promotion/preventive medicine
  • Urology


  • Population health
  • Evidence-based medicine/evidence-based clinical practice
  • Problem-based learning

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Principal researcher

Title: Case-control study of pedestrian injuries amongst children in Malaysia (Klang Valley)
Granting Agency: Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) FRGS Grant (MYR 40000)

Title: Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Community Intervention Program to Improve Lifestyle Behaviour in a Malaysian Population
Granting Agency: Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) eScience Fund (MYR 122 700)


Title: Malaysia Diabetes And Research on Lifetime Lifestyle Intervention Group. (MY DARLLING) Study: Patient Participation in Diabetes Care
Granting Agency: National Institute of Health, Malaysia (MYR 54, 545.45)

Title: Monash Obesity-Diabetes Intervention (MODI) Study: A 24-week, Multi-centre, Prospective, Randomized, Open-labelled, Parallel, 2-arm Controlled Trial of Metabolic Response in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Concomitant Obesity Management.
Granting Agency: National Institute of Health, Malaysia (MYR 54, 545.45)

Title: A Study of the Effectiveness of Health Education via Telephone and Short Messaging Services on Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD) Outcomes:
The TEXT to HEALTH Study: TEXt messaging and Telephone for Heart Education And Lifestyle THerapy
Granting Agency: National Institute of Health, Malaysia (MYR 250 000)

Title: Malaysian Diabetes and Research on Lifelong Lifestyle Intervention Group (MY DARLING) Study: The impact of
knowledge on diabetes and metabolic control and intervention of self-care skills in diabetes management (Phase III).
Granting Agency: Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) ERGS Grant  (MYR 158700)

Title: Nutrition and Lifestyle Behaviours in Cardiometabolic Syndrome: Development of a Community-Specific Peer-Support Programme
Granting Agency: Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) FRGS Grant  (MYR 110 000)

Title: Dengue Flagship
Granting Agency: DSTIN (Dasar Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi Negara) (MYR 475000)

PhD completion

Dr Amutha Ramadas
Project title: Dietary intervention among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: an e-approach

Dr Anne Jamaludin
Project title: Unintentional and Intentional Injuries Amongst Children in Malaysia: Addressing the ‘grey’ area of underlying cause of injuries

Dr Hardip Kaur Dhillon
Project title: A study of urinary incontinence amongst Malaysian women in Selangor: Prevalence, risk factors and quality of life

Dr Badariah Ahmad
Project title: Malaysian Diabetes and Research on Lifestyle Intervention Group (MY DARLING) Study: The impact of diabetes education on knowledge, metabolic control, self-care skills and self-efficacy in type 2 diabetes patients in ambulatory settings.

Dr Nur Azma Amin
Project tile: Modelling ergonomic risk factors (ERFs), emotional distress (depression, anxiety and stress (DAS)) and work engagement (WE) as predictors of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs)

among Malaysia nurses

Dr Saleem Perwaiz Iqbal
Project title:  Nutritional and lifestyle behaviours influencing Metabolic syndrome among adults residing in Johor, Malaysia.

Dr Jamuna Rani Appalasamy
Project Title: The video narratives intervention on the self-efficacy of medication understanding  and use among post-stroke patients

Dr Muhammad Daniel Mahadzir
Project Title: Nutrition And Lifestyle Behaviours Among Malaysian Adults With Metabolic Syndrome: Development Of A Community-Based Peer Support Program

Master completion

Ms Lam Fui Ching
Project title: Clinical Evidence on Efficacy and Safety of Whey Protein Supplements on Performance and Recovery among Athletes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Awards and Achievements

Sanofi-Synthelabo Prostate Research Award
Awarded by Sanofi-Synthelabo Sdn Bhd Malaysia and Malaysian Urological Association, 2001

Japan Society for Promotion of Science-Vice Chancellors Council (JSPS-VCC Fellowship: General Exchange Program).
Awarded by Malaysian and Japanese Government, 2005

Industry Engagement

Role: Committee/Deputy Chairperson
Organisation/Institution: Sunway Medical Centre
Engagement: Sunway Research Ethics Committee (SREC)