Rachel Ting Sing Kiat

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Tel: +603 5514 5862
Fax: +603 5514 6323
Office: Room 4-4-63
Email: Ting.SingKiat@monash.edu

Profile Summary

Dr. Ting holds the Bachelor of Science in Psychology from National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan,  Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College (APA accredited), Illinois, USA, Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary USA, and Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology (APA accredited). She completed her final year APA accredited internship (2005-2006) at University of California--San Diego, and her post-doctoral scholarship on the topic of “college student mental health and disability assessment” from University of Southern California (2007-2008).

She has been a private practitioner at various cities, including Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. Currently she is a consultant to InPsych Psychological & Counselling Services at Kuala Lumpur. Dr. Ting has a wide range of clinical expertise and experiences with clients struggling with depression, grief, trauma, relational problems, Learning Disability, religious and spiritual issues, and multiculturalism.

After completed her PhD program, Dr. Ting stayed at her alma mater from 2009-2008 as a Research Assistant Professor, teaching doctoral-level courses. In between 2008-2010, she was employed as a Senior Lecturer at HELP University in Kuala Lumpur, where she taught, supervised and advised Master degree students from both counseling and clinical psychology program. She then taught as a full-time Associate Professor at China University of Political Science and Law, School of Sociology (Beijing), from 2012-2015. She has been a guest lecturer and adjunct faculty to various institutions, such as Argosy University (USA), Fuller Graduate School of Psychology (USA), Renmin Univesrity (China), Minzu University (China), Bible College Malaysia (Malaysia), School of Theology Sabah (Malaysia), and Methodist Theological School (MTS).

Voluntary Professional Services

  • 2012–present -- Founder of Barefoot Voluntary Service Group, China
  • 2008–present -- Trainer for CREST (Crisis Relief Services and Training Bhd) and consultant for HISTEAM (Holistic Care Relief Network) Malaysia.  
  • Jan 06–Dec 18 -- Clinical Supervisor for counselling centres under Methodist Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference, Malaysia
  • 2006–2010  
    -- Reviewer for Journal of Psychology and Theology
    -- Reviewer for Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Singapore

    --  Reviewer for the Inaugural APA Division 45 Conference program
  • 2006–2013 -- Asian American Psychologist Association Annual Conference Review Team
  • Dec 2008 -- Reviewer for Special issues in Journal of Psychology in Chinese Societies
  • Nov 06–08 -- Clinical Supervisor at Nanjing Zhimian Academy of Psychology, Nanjing, China
  • Jan 06–Dec 08 -- Member, Mentoring Team, Taiwanese Psychologist Network
  • Sep 02–Jun 04 -- Multicultural Concern Chair, Fuller Psychology Graduate Union, Pasadena, CA

Teaching/Supervision Experiences

Total Doctoral-level students supervised in clinical setting: 2
Total Master-level students supervised in clinical settling: 21
Total Master-level thesis supervised: 5
Total Undergrad-level thesis supervised: 6

  • Undergraduate Level Courses Taught:
    – Case Social Work
    – Group Social Work
    – Abnormal Psychology
    – Health Psychology
    – Psychological Counselling
    – Professional English for Social Work
    – Social Work practicum and supervision
    – Psychology of Religion
    Professional Ethics for Christian Counselling
  • Graduate Level Courses Taught:
    – Disaster Mental health and Psychosocial Support
    – Global and Indigenous Social Work
    – Introduction to Mental Health and counselling
    – System and History of Psychology
    – Professional Ethics and Legal issues
    – Diagnostic Assessment
    – Adult Intelligent Assessment, Personality Assessment
    – Social and Cultural Diversity
    – Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
    – Basic counselling Skills
    – Advanced Integration Seminar
    – Clinical Interventions – Diversity
    – Cognitive Psychology
    – Introduction to Pastoral Counselling
    – Spiritual Formation
    – College and Young Adult
    – Assessments and Psychopathology


PhD in Clinical Psychology (USA), MA in Clinical Psychology (USA), MA in Theology (USA), BS in Psychology (Taiwan), California licensed psychologist (PSY 23014)

Scholarships and Awards Received

2014 – The Excellent Teaching Award (CUPL); The Excellent Practicum Supervisor
2013 – The Best Class Instructor (CUPL)
2001 to 2006 – Dean’s List at PhD program
2002 to 2004 – Carlsberg Fellowship
2003, 2004 – PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund
2002, 2005 – The Grace Li Jubilee Scholarship
2006 – Travis Integration Paper Award
– Travis Travel Award
– AAPA Student Travel Award
2005 – AAPA Student Grant for Dissertation Research (Honorable Mention)
2004 – Dilworth International Graduate Fellowship
2003 – The Gene Wesley Pfrimmer Memorial Award
– International Student Scholarship
2002 – The Heavenly Treasure Jubilee Scholarship
– The Tan Family Jubilee Scholarship
1996, 1997 – President’s Award, Undergraduate program
1996, 1997 – Scholarship citation by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission of
The Republic of China

Professional Affiliation

Dr. Ting is a member of American Psychological Association (APA) and Malaysia Clinical Psychology Society (PSIMA). She is also a licensed psychologist (California Board of Psychology) and eligible clinical supervisor in California (USA). She has been invited to provide training on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in various mental health institutes in China (Shanghai, Anhui, Beijing, Wuhan, ShenZhen and Chengdu) and Malaysia since 2004.


In the globalizing era, Western psychology has been internationalized, diversified, indigenized, and translated into different cultural contexts, including Asia. The industry and discipline of psychology is mushrooming in many Asian modern cities. However, many psychologists are just “copying and pasting” Western psychology to understand local people, treating “Asian” as one homogenous group, dismissing the myriad of ethnic and religious diversity within. As a Chinese born in Malaysia, Dr. Ting believes indigenous psychology research could challenge social injustice through global scholarship and promote peaceful dialogue internationally. Therefore, her current research interests and focuses are:

I.Mental health of Chinese in Malaysia and China: examining the psychological and mental health concepts (e.g. resilience, mental illness, subjective well-being) developed in the West through a lens of cultural psychology; discovering the indigenous healing factors through ancient literature, wisdom, folklores, and cultural tradition.  

II.HIV prevention from a culturally sensitive approach: adapting the current universal model of HIV prevention and treatment to local cultural context (particularly among ethnic minority or indigenous people) to increase medical adherence and help-seeking behavior; exploring the stigma of HIV from the lens of cultural psychology

III.Psychology of religion among ethnic minority groups: examining the theory of psychology in religious practices of indigenous people, particularly in Asian cultures.

IV.Disaster mental health from a community approach: examining the resilient factors in the community faced with traumatic events such as natural disasters.  

V.Sexual health in Malaysia: assessing functionality performance and acceptance of newly invented barrier contraceptive method developed in Malaysia; exploring gender equality in the use of contraceptive methods.

Research Grants received

2017 to current
– Wondeleaf products clinical trial (pilot study)
– Twin Catalyst Sdn Bhd (funded by MOSTI).
– Amount received: 200,000 Ringgit
– Role: Consultant 

– Cultural psychology of religion research initiative-Travis Research Institute and China Academy of Sciences (Institute of Psychology). 
– Amount received: 90,000 USD (including 12K USD Awards) 
– Role: Principal Investigator

–China University of Political Science and Law—Innovative Teaching grant. 
– Amount received: 10,000 RMB 
– Role: Principal Investigator 

– Fuller Travis Research Institute and Institute of Psychology, China Academy of Sciences—Psychology of Religion Grant (pilot study).
– Amount received: 15,000 RMB
– Role: Principal Investigator. 

– China University of Political Science and Law --Young Academician Innovative Research Grants
– Amount received: 250,000 RMB/year
– Role: Team member

– Fuller-Templeton Foundation for research on Psychology of Religion in China
– Amount received: 8000 USD
– Role: Collaborator

Social work in the community rehabilitation for probationary department, funded by Bureau of Legal Enforcement, DaXin district, Beijing, China.
– Role: Team member.
– Amount received: 30,000 RMB

2012-2014Community social work in remote rural China, funded by School of Sociology, China University of Political Sciences and Law, Beijing, China.
– Amount received: 20,000 RMB
– Role: Principal Investigator



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Ting, S. -K., Zhang, K. J., & Huang, Q. B. (In Press). Indigenous psychology for the others Chinese: Studying the mind and spirits among ethnic minorities in China. In K.-H. Yeh (Ed.), Asian Indigenous Psychologies in Global Context, Chapter 11. “Palgrave Studies in Indigenous Psychology” book series by Palgrave MacMillan Publication.

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Ting, R. S. K., Wong, E. L. & Tnay, J. (2018). A Pilot Study on the Functional Performance and Acceptability of an Innovative Female Condom (Wondaleaf) in Malaysia. Open Access Journal of Contraception, 9, 11-20. [Indexed journal]

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Chinese Journal Articles (peer-reviewed only):

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