Dr Vanlal Thanzami

Senior Lecturer

Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine & Health Sciences

Email: vanlal.thanzami@monash.edu
Tel: +603 5515 9604
Office: Room 4-4-09

Profile Summary

Dr Vanlal Thanzami obtained her PhD in Psychology from the University Of Central Lancashire (UK) in 2004. Her research activities focused on her PhD research area beliefs about aggression and the impact that culture has on these beliefs. Cross-cultural comparisons based on individualism-collectivism, and more recently the loose and tight cultures, have been a strong element of her research activities. Besides beliefs, she has also explored the predictors of aggression particularly amongst men. She is predominantly interested in specific forms of aggression such as direct aggression, indirect aggression, physical aggression, reactive and proactive aggression. The outcome of her various research projects have been published in reputable international peer-reviewed journals such as Aggressive Behaviour, Evolution and Human Behaviour, American Journal of Human Biology, and Personality and Individual Differences, as well as being presented at international conferences.

After she obtained her PhD,  Dr Thanzami taught at the University of Central Lancashire until June 2014. Her teaching expertise is within the areas of social, cross-cultural and forensic psychology. As an active researcher in the area of aggression, she continuously strives to disseminate her research findings to her students through research-informed teaching.

Academic Qualifications

2004 PhD in Psychology, University Of Central, Lancashire, U.K
Title of Thesis: Beliefs about Aggression from a Cross - cultural perspective.

1995 – 1998 MA in Psychology, North Eastern Hill, University, India    
Title of Dissertation: Socialization effects on reaction to frustration, internalised/externalised behavioural problems, and mood disorders amongst Mizo adolescents

1992 – 1995 BA (Hons) in Psychology, Delhi University, India


Fellow, Higher Education Academy, U.K

Member, International Society for Research on Aggression

Work Experience

2014 – present Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Monash University Malaysia

2004 – 2014 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, School Of Psychology, University Of Central, Lancashire, U.K

2004 Researcher, Volunteering Unit, University Of Central Lancashire, U.K

2001 – 2003 Part time demonstrator/marker, School of Psychology, University of Central Lancashire, U.K

2001 Research Assistant at the Cyberspace Research Unit, University of Central Lancashire, U.K

2004 Research Assistant at the Cyberspace Research Unit, University of Central Lancashire, U.K

1998 – 2000 Guest Lecturer at the Department of Psychology, North Eastern Hill University, India.

1998 – 2000 Counsellor for the Family Counselling Centre, run by the YWCA, Mizoram Branch, India

Research Interests

  • Beliefs about aggression across cultures
  • Predictors of aggression and specific forms of aggression such as direct aggression, indirect aggression, physical aggression, reactive and proactive aggression
  • Cross-cultural evidence for mediators of sex differences in physical aggression and conflict resolution
  • Aggression within relationships, ‘invisible’ forms of aggression within the family and community such as honour-based violence
  • Evolutionary concepts in aggression, such as genetic-relatedness and violence across cultures
  • Need for revenge and personality factors associated with vengefulness, such as anger rumination – dissipation and trait forgiveness, and how they relate to reactive and proactive aggression.
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Criminal computer behaviour

Research Projects

  • Psychological impact of smartphone overuse (2018 - ongoing)
  • The association between collective narcissism, social dominance and direct and indirect aggression among a multi-ethnic Malaysian sample (2017 - present).
  • An investigation into the prevalence of cyberbullying, cybervictimization, and risk factors for cyberbullying amongst Malaysian adolescents (2017 – present).
  • Honor-based violence: a multi-national study (2014 – 2017).
  • Research projects for the Centre for Volunteering and Community Leadership, University of Central Lancashire (2004 – 2005).
    • Community cohesion in East Preston – prevention of racial tension in predominantly White and Asian communities in Preston
    • Corrymeela project – exploring differences (cultural, ethnic) and working through these differences in a constructive and peaceful manner
    • In2ICT – digital culture as a way of involving young people in community regeneration programmes in East Lancashire
    • Community cohesion projects (Hand-in-Hand Project and Park Foundation Football Club) – Impact of inclusion projects on minority populations
    • The impact of Leadership and Mentoring skills training on young care leavers
  • Research projects for the Cyberspace Research Unit, University of Central Lancashire (2001 – 2004).


Published papers

Lowe, M., Khan, R., Thanzami, V.L., Barzy, M., & Karmaliani, R. (2018) Attitudes towards Intimate Partner ‘Honor’ Based Violence in India, Iran, Malaysia and Pakistan. Journal of Aggression Conflict and Peace Research DOI: 10.1108/JACPR-09-2017-0324

Thanzami, V.L., & Archer, J. (2013). Reactions to Provocation and Beliefs About Aggression in an Indian sample. International Journal of Conflict and Violence, Vol 7 (2), 286 - 297

Thanzami, V.L., & Archer, J. (2013). Beliefs about aggression in an Indian sample. Psychological Studies, Vol 58 (2), 133 - 143

Thanzami, V.L., Archer, J., & Sullivan, C. (2011). A qualitative investigation into beliefs about aggression in an Indian sample. Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research, Vol 3 (4), 199 – 209

Archer, J., Fernandez-Fuertes, A.A., & Thanzami, V.L. (2010). Does cost-benefit analysis or self-control predict involvement in two forms of aggression? Aggressive Behavior, Vol 36, 292 – 304

Archer, J., & Thanzami, V.L. (2009). The relation between mate value, entitlement, physical aggression, size and strength, among a sample of young Indian men. Evolution and Human Behaviour, Vol 30, 315 – 321

Archer, J & Thanzami, V.L. (2007) The relationship between physical aggression, size and strength, among a sample of young Indian men. Personality and Individual Differences, 43, 627 - 633

Fink, B., Thanzami, V.L., Seydel, H., & Manning, J.T (2006). Digit Ratio (2D:4D) and hand grip strength in German and Mizo men: Cross-cultural evidence for an organising effect of prenatal testosterone on strength. American Journal of Human Biology, 18(6), 776 - 782

Thanzami, V.L & Archer, J. (2005). Beliefs about aggression in British students from individualist and collectivist cultures. Aggressive Behavior, Vol 31 (4), 350 - 358

Singh, L.N & Thanzami, V.L. (1999). Replication of Steinberg’s Parenting Style Scale among Mizo adolescents. Psychological Studies, Vol. 44 (3), 112 – 114.

Conference proceedings

Thanzami, V.L & Melling, A. (2005). Community cohesion in East Lancashire: Inclusion through the development of effective E-Communities. Making Knowledge Work – International Conference, University Of Stirling.

Research Grants

Global Asia in the 21st Century Funding (2018 – 2019): The psychological impact of smartphone overuse amongst Malaysian youth.

Global Asia in the 21st Century Funding (2016 – 2017): An investigation into the prevalence of cyberbullying, cybervictimization, and risk factors for cyberbullying amongst Malaysian adolescents.

Research Supervision


Ummaimah Mariam
Thesis title: Understanding School Violence: A study of school violence in Malaysia.
2018 – present
Main supervisor

Serena In
Thesis title: Family Resilience and Its Relationship with Adolescent Mental Health in Malaysian Families
2017 – present
Joint supervisor with Dr Karen Golden and Dr Rachel Ting

JoAnne Saw
Thesis title: School-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Intervention for Depressive Symptomatology: Intervention for Malaysian Adolescents
2016 – present
Joint supervisor with Associate Professor Tam Cai Lian and Dr Gregory Bonn

Master of Professional Counselling supervision

Christina Tea Ruey Tan
Thesis title: Self-esteem, empathy, and fun-seeking tendencies in cyberbullying perpetration
2018 - 2019

Filiah Bti Kahar
Thesis title: The role of sex, ethnicity and cyberbully/victim status among University students in Malaysia
2018 - 2019

Wai Mun Cheong
Thesis title: Social Dominance Orientation as Moderator of the Effect of Collective Narcissism on Perceived Realistic Threat
2018 - 2019

Sher Rene See
Thesis title: Effect of Self-Compassion on Social Connectedness and Psychological Wellbeing among University Students

Hong Wai Chan
Thesis title: Exploring the relationship between life values and role balance of emerging adults

Boey Ying
Thesis title: Attachment Styles, Parenting Self-Efficacy and Satisfaction in Working Parents

Chiun Goh
Thesis title: University students’ learning strategies and parent-child relationship.

Cheryl Kong
Thesis title: A Study of Machiavellian and Emotional Intelligence on Relationship Satisfaction among Adults

Honours supervision

Sona Jesmin Merlin
Thesis title: The Relationship of Psychopathic and Narcissistic Traits with Academic Success among Business and Arts Undergraduates in Malaysia

Khor Mei Mei
Thesis title: People's understandings of feeding free-roaming cats in Malaysia
Joint supervision with Associate Professor Gareth Davey

Yee Jun Wong
Thesis title: Bystander’s response towards cyberbullying on social network sites: The effect of attitude towards cyberbullying, empathy and other bystanders’ identity

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