What our graduates say

Simran Kaur

Bachelor of Psychological Science and Business (2011)

"The psychology and business program was a great pick because of its sheer range of options."

Dr Felicia Simone Paulraj

PhD (2016)

"I knew that with Monash, I would be assured of a quality education. The range of research and scholarship opportunities provided by the School of Medicine, state of the art facilities and the experienced and supportive staff were driving factors for me to pursue my PhD in the Jeffrey School of Medicine and Health Sciences."

Dr Vinod RMT Balasubramaniam

PhD (2014)

"Graduating from Monash enabled me to achieve my education and career goals of being in one of the best universities. Apart from that, being a Monash graduate helped me to further my career ambitions as a post-doctoral research scientist in Mount Sinai hospital, New York."


Dr Sazlina Shariff Ghazali

PhD (2014)

"The support of fellow postgraduate colleagues and lecturers had made my study experience in Monash very rewarding and enriching."

Dr Sharuna Verghis

PhD (2013)

"Being located at the Global Public Health (GPH) of Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences (JCSMHS) allowed me to also tap into additional international expertise and exchanges with scholars from different countries."

Dr Lincoln J R Lim

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours) (2014)

"The thing I love about Monash is its emphasis of not only excelling in theoretical knowledge but to also indulge in practical experiences, life lessons and to strive for work/life balance."

Dr Sukanya Banerjee Nair

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) (2012)

Dr Sukanya is a multi-award winning student in which she credited Prof Dato’ Dr Khalid Kadir as an inspiration to work hard, as well as her tutors at the Sunway Campus, the School’s Clinical School in Johor Bahru, and Hospital Sultanah Aminah for providing her with steadfast support.

Dr Benjamin Sachdev Manjit Singh

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (2010)

"I credit my strong foundations in clinical knowledge and skills to my time at Monash. I had the privilege of learning from some of the best clinicians in medicine who not only imparted knowledge but also their passion for their patients."

Dr Vishnu Prashad a/l Bhakthaval Salan

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (2012)

"Studying medicine at Monash was a wonderful experience. The lecturers were truly amazing and
I believe Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences (JCSMHS) made an excellent choice in choosing Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru as their clinical teaching centre. The variety and depth of patients we saw during our clinical years was great. It provided us with much needed exposure which helped us tremendously during our housemanship years"

Dr Ang Ju Li

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (2012)

"I knew Monash University Malaysia would be a great choice for me to pursue medicine as it has a high quality of education. Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences (JCSMHS) too is well known for its supportive academics staff along with the state-of-the-art facilities, just what I needed for my tertiary education. "

Dr Hang Chong Yee

PhD (2016)

“Monash is well known for its quality education and research. I think the Malaysia campus is attractive because it has expertise and modern facilities for teaching and research, access to wide collection of scientifc journals, and encouraging environment for learning. Best of all, Monash gave me a full Higher
Degree by Research (HDR) scholarship.”

Dr Muhammad Kamruzzaman Mozumder

PhD 2013

“I spent a wonderful time at Monash Malaysia campus. Staff are supportive and there are a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. ”



Dr Goh Pei Hwa

Bachelor of Psychological Science and Business (Honours) 2012

“Studying psychology at Monash provided me with a strong foundation to develop my career in psychology and academia. With this foundation, I was able to transition smoothly into my PhD studies.”