Community Use Rule: Document Delivery


Document delivery supports staff and student research needs with the provision of journal articles, book chapters and conference papers that are not available in the library resources, subject to copyright laws.


Document Delivery (DOCDEL) is a library service that involves the delivery of copies of journal articles, book chapters and conference papers only.

IR = Information Resources Department


  1. DOCDEL service is offered to Academic staff, research assistants, postgraduates and honours students. This service is not available to undergraduate students.
  2. Requests should be related to current Monash work, research or study.
  3. Requestors should complete the form via Document Delivery Request.
  4. When the document is delivered to Monash University Malaysia, the IR team will notify the requestor for collection.
  5. Monash users are required to abide by the copyright terms and legislation associated with Document Delivery use. All documents supplied are to be used for academic purposes only.
  6. The Library will support the costs associated with this service. However, to account for the costs incurred from overseas suppliers, the limit set for any request per document is RM200. We reserve the right to cancel any requests exceeding the set limit.

Responsibility for Implementation

Manager, Information Resources

Related Legislation

Copyright: As stated under Copyright Act 1987 (ACT 332)

Related Policies and Procedures/Business Rules

Collection Development Policy

Relevant Forms

Document Delivery Request

Consultative Process

Library and Learning Commons Committee, 1 December 2009
Heads of Administrative Units Committee, 2 March 2010
Library and Learning Commons Committee, 26 March 2015
Director, Library and Learning Commons, 29 August 2017

Version date: 29 August 2017
Effective date: 29 August 2017
Community use rule owner: Manager, Information Resources