Library etiquette and guidelines

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To foster an effective environment conducive to learning, the following guidelines and regulations are in place at the Library and Learning Commons (LLC):

Food is not permitted at all times in the Library

Covered drinks (with lids) are permitted in the Library except in the Multimedia Collections area

Mobile phones
Phones set to silent mode are permitted except in the Quiet Zone where no phone calls are allowed

A moderate level of noise is permitted within the Library except in the Quiet Zone

Quiet Zone
The Quiet Zone is a study area, where the following regulations strictly apply:

  • No cellphone calls (phones should be set on silent mode at all times)
  • No private conversations
  • No social gatherings and/or discussions
  • Individual carrels are for private work/ study only

LLC regulations give staff the right to ask anyone to leave the Library premises if any of the above guidelines and regulations are not adhered to strictly.

If you are unhappy with these regulations, you may contact the Director, Library and Learning Commons

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