Community Use Rule: Recommendation for purchase of Library materials


This community use rule describes the methods and operations involved in processing recommendations received by the Library and Learning Commons (LLC) for the purchase of Library materials from the Monash community. It introduces and provides an overview to staff and students of Monash University Malaysia to the business practices involved in recommending materials and the ensuing operations of acquisitions and processing of the recommendations to be added to the collection within the constraints of LLC.


Recommendation: Recommendation for purchase of Library materials, by staff and students of Monash University Malaysia.

IR : Information Resources Department

Library materials: Books, e-books or audio-visual materials


  1. All staff and students of Monash University Malaysia may submit recommendations for purchase to be added to the library collection.
  2. All recommendations for Library materials should be submitted via Recommend a Purchase. IR staff will review and proceed with the recommendations accordingly.
  3. If an e-book is available, it will be purchased in preference to a print version. If a print version is still required, additional justification will be required.
  4. IR staff will ascertain the number of copies to be purchased. For course reading materials, i.e. prescribed texts and recommended texts, the multiple copies formula will be applied, whereby the number of copies for prescribed/recommended texts will be purchased based on the number of copies already held in the library collection and the number of on-campus students.
  5. Delivery time will normally take between 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the type of publication and the availability of materials in stock.
  6. Staff and students who make recommendations of Library materials must allow sufficient time for acquisitions process. It is advisable to submit recommendation at least 3 months prior to the point of need.
  7. IR staff will process and purchase the recommended materials. Generally, requestors are not permitted to purchase materials on their own and seek reimbursement by way of claims. For urgent items, it is recommended to refer to IR staff before undertaking a purchase for which you plan to seek reimbursement.
  8. In line with the Library fiscal period which ends in December, requestors must submit recommendations by 31 October. Recommendations received after this date will most likely be considered for purchase in the next fiscal year.

Responsibility for Implementation

Information Resources Department

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Relevant Forms

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Consultative Process

Library and Learning Commons Committee, 1 December 2009
Heads of Administrative Units Committee, 2 March 2010
Head of Library and Learning Commons and Chief Librarian, 25 February 2011
Director of Education, Quality and Innovation. 3 March 2011
Pro Vice-Chancellor and President, 4 March 2011
Director, Library and Learning Commons, 25 March 2015, 23 January 2017, 4 August 2017

Version date: 4 August 2017
Effective date: 4 August 2017
Community use rule owner: Manager, Information Resources