Community Use Rule: Reading List and Reserve Services


The purpose of this community use rule is to assist academic staff to upload prescribed and recommended texts that require digitization or creation of link to Monash University Australia (MUA) online journals.

Academic staff can send their reading lists to the Library and Learning Commons (LLC), with references to the desired journal articles and chapters of books.


Reading list: Reference list of prescribed and recommended text and other reading materials related to the unit, which can be accessed from Search.


  1. Monash University Malaysia’s academic staff can email their reading lists requests to the Manager, Information Services at
  2. The Manager, Information Services will email the lists to the Reading and Reserve Services Librarian at Monash University Australia (MUA).
  3. If items on the reading lists require digitization or the creation of links to Monash University Australia (MUA) online journals, MUA staff member will create a web page for the reading list and will assist with the digitization of eligible course readings for web access (with the appropriate copyright notice)
  4. MUA staff member can also convert selected course readings from paper into PDF format, making them available online through the reading list for the Unit title.
  5. The reading list will be uploaded to the webpage within 2 to 3 weeks, on average, depending upon the length and complexity of the reading list.
  6. When the online reading list is complete, MUA staff member will inform LLC designated staff who will in turn notify the concerned academic staff.
  7. Reading lists can be accessed from the library catalogue at by selecting Reading List, which will require authcate password.
  8. Reading lists can also be accessed directly with a link, for example:

Responsibility for Implementation

Manager, Information Services

Related Legislation

Monash University > Copyright > Resources and downloads

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Consultative Process

Library and Learning Commons Committee, 1 December 2009
Heads of Administrative Units Committee, 2 March 2010
Library and Learning Commons Committee, 1 December 2009
Library and Learning Commons Committee, 26 March 2015
Director, Library and Learning Commons, 12 August 2017

Version date: 7 August 2017
Effective date: 7 August 2017
Community use rule owner: Manager, Information Services