Community Use Rule: Request for Serial Subscription


This community use rule describes the methods and operations involved in processing requests received for periodical subscriptions from academic staff of Monash University Malaysia. It outlines the business practices involved in selection, review, subscription and cancellation of periodical titles for the Library collection.


Periodical: A publication in any medium issued under the same title in a succession of discrete parts, usually numbered or dated and appearing at regular or irregular intervals with no predetermined conclusion.

Academic staff: Staff employed to undertake research and teaching, including Research Only staff.

IR : Information Resources Department


Subscription for new periodical titles:

  1. Academic staff of Monash University Malaysia may request new periodical title subscriptions.
  2. All requests for new titles, both print and electronic, should be submitted to IR staff of the Library and Learning Commons (LLC), using the Requisition for Periodicals. Requests for electronic resources, particularly for online databases, e-journals and e-books, will be referred to Monash University Library, Australia.
  3. Requests for new subscriptions must be justified by the requestor and approved by the respective Head of School/Unit and Director, Library and Learning Commons.
  4. Subscriptions start with the forthcoming issue. The first forthcoming issue will usually be received within six months from the date of submission of the request, depending on the frequency and regularity of the publication.
  5. Due to financial considerations and budget priorities, IR staff will consult with the Schools to ascertain priorities before new titles are subscribed.
  6. IR staff will notify the requestor on the approval decision of the request.
  7. The decision to subscribe to a new periodical title is guided by:
  • Availability of the title as a print or online resource. To support the broadest collection of subscribed titles, duplication of subscriptions is strongly discouraged, whether they are print-and-print or print-plus-electronic. Exception to this rule will be considered under the following circumstances:
  • The print format is needed for accurate references
  • Electronic publication lags behind the print edition
  • The resource is required in both print and electronic formats due to it being a core journal in its field.

Renewal and cancellation of current titles:

  1. Subscriptions are reviewed annually. IR staff will review the usage of the current titles five months before the renewal dates.
  2. IR Manager will liaise and inform the concerned Schools about current subscription status and potential cancellations.
  3. The decision to renew or cancel a title is guided by the:
  • Availability of the title as a Monash online resource. The print format will be cancelled when online access to the full-text version is available
  • Usage over past subscription periods
  • Justification by academic staff regarding the necessity of the title, pertinence to area of study and research, and supports multidisciplinary research platforms.
  • Availability in budget against other priorities
  • IR staff will liaise and provide termination letters to respective suppliers.
  • IR staff will notify the requestors concerning the cancellation of titles.
  • Responsibility for Implementation

    Manager, Information Resources

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    Consultative Process

    Library and Learning Commons Committee, 1 December 2009
    Heads of Administrative Units Committee, 2 March 2010
    Director, Library and Learning Commons, 25 March 2015, 4 August 2017

    Version date: 4 August 2017
    Effective date: 4 August 2017
    Community use rule owner: Manager, Information Resources