Community Use Rule: Research and Learning


In collaboration with academic staff, librarians, Learning Skills Advisers and the Senior Research Data Manager develop and conduct research learning skills programs designed to enable students develop academic skills and provide support for the University’s development of student graduate attributes. The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for initiating, planning and conducting research and learning skills programs at Monash University Malaysia.


Program: a program can be delivered in the form of a lecture, a workshop, a hands-on training or an orientation / induction briefing.


1. Unit-integrated classes

1.1 Academic staff, who would like to request a program for their students may provide the research project and /or assignment topics to the School Liaisons assigned to their respective Schools at least one week in advance. The School Liaisons Librarian will customize the program content and format to meet the unit’s research requirements
1.2 Classes with large number of students will be divided into smaller groups of 20 to 28 students. In collaboration with academic staff, the team of school liaisons will develop a detailed timetable for all required sessions
1.3 Research skills programs will be conducted in the Library Training Room. Academic staff are invited to send students, in groups according to the timetable, to the Library Training Room. In the event the Library Training Room is already booked, academic staff may have to coordinate and arrange to reserve one of ITS-computer labs
1.4 The team of school liaisons is committed to partner with all unit coordinators to further incorporate research and academic skills into units that require students to undertake substantial library research work. To initiate the integration process, unit coordinators are invited to contact the Acting Senior Manager, Research and Learning.

2. Library induction briefing

2.1 Library induction briefing programs are organised in collaboration with Student Services and/or relevant academic staff attached to a given School
2.2 School Liaisons will conduct the induction programs according to the agreed timetable published by Student Services
2.3 Students who are unable to attend the library induction programs are advised to contact the school liaison assigned to their respective Schools.

3. In-depth research Consultations

3.1 Research consultations are designed for students and staff who have specific research and information needs. Students are required to make an appointment prior to meeting with the school liaisons for a research consultation
3.2 Research consultations are available one-on-one or in small group not exceeding 4 students
3.3 Research consultations are available from 11.00 am to 05.00 pm, Monday to Friday at LLC Consultation Room located at Level 2, Library and Learning Commons.

Responsibility for Implementation

Acting Senior Manager
Learning Skills Advisers
Senior Research Data Manager

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Consultative Process

Library and Learning Commons Committee, 1 December 2009
Heads of Administrative Units Committee, 2 March 2010
Library and Learning Commons Committee, 26 March 2015
Director, Library and Learning Commons, 23 August 2017

Version date: 22 August 2017
Effective date: 22 August 2017
Community Use Rule Owner: Acting Senior Manager, Research and Learning
Contact: Research and learning Unit