Library Strategic Planning Retreat 2016

SP Retreat 2016 - Picture 1On Saturday, 15 August 2015, sixteen professional staff participated in the Library and Learning Commons' (LLC) Strategic Planning Retreat 2016. The retreat was facilitated by Prof. John Benson, Head of the School of Business, and Isabelle Eula, LLC Director. Guided by the Library’s vision and 3-year strategic plan, participants were invited to contribute input and ideas to the development of the Library plan 2016.

The morning session was facilitated by Prof. Benson, who introduced the SWOT analysis principles and shared insight and examples to illustrate the use of a SWOT analysis relative to any strategic planning exercise. It was followed by lively and productive group discussions on the Library’s SWOT; during which, all staff regardless of their level, role and responsibilities, demonstrated genuine engagement, interest and knowledge about their respective areas. The outcomes of the group activity provided a shared assessment and insight on the LLC's current standing.

SP Retreat 2016 - Picture 2The coffee and lunch breaks - whilst too short - provided a great opportunity for staff to interact with Prof. Benson and to socialize and engage across LLC Units’ boundaries.

Based on the morning outcomes, Isabelle facilitated the afternoon “Planning Process” exercise to pave the way forward. Assigned to groups, staff had to consider and articulate broad strategic initiatives in response to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats identified in the morning.

The format adopted for the 2015 edition of the LLC Retreat received a very positive response among participants. It reinforced the critical importance for LLC management team to provide more avenues for all staff to engage with, and contribute to, the planning and implementation of LLC strategies.

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