Library Strategic Retreat, 18 September 2016

Strategic Planning Retreat, 18 September 2016

On 18 September 2016, LLC professional staff participated in the Library’s annual Strategic Planning Retreat. Based on feedback from the previous retreat, team building and leadership activities were built into the retreat on the theme: Leading Your staff to the Next Level.

The morning session, facilitated by Suresh Ashwan, Founder and Principal Consultant  at LEADS, encompassed group discussions, a leadership assessment survey and outdoor challenges aimed at both fostering the participants’ self-awareness and understanding of interpersonal and cultural differences and modeling effective leadership.

In the afternoon, Isabelle Eula, LLC Director, set the scene for the Strategic Planning exercise by acknowledging the Library’s achievements and progress towards its 2016 objectives. Brainstorming in small teams, staff from the Library’s three functional departments identified areas of improvement and articulated new initiatives for strategic engagement which in turn helped to inform and shape the Annual Development Plan 2017.

The interactive and playful format of the 2016 edition received a strong positive response from participants who felt that “[it] helped build camaraderie and reinforced trust among staff”.