Three online interactive tools, two workshops, one goal

On 22-23 September 2016, two peer learning sessions on how to utilise Prezi, a zooming presentation tool, and how to flip a classroom with interactive online tools (Nearpod and Kahoot!) were conducted for Library and Learning Commons staff across departments.

The first workshop, ‘Becoming a Prezenter’, showed the participants basic Prezi tools and familiarized them with Prezi’s limitless working space—the Prezi canvas. More importantly, the workshop covered ‘the Prezi mindset’ which is important and necessary to embrace when designing a ‘zooming’ presentation.

The second workshop was designed for participants who are new to, or who would like to explore, the deeper uses of Nearpod and Kahoot!, and was divided into two parts. The first part instructed participants on how to make use of the interactive Nearpod platform to engage their audience using different types of interactive activities, for instance: open-ended questions; quizzes; polls; virtual reality and the ‘On The Fly’ feature. The second part of the workshop focused on the game-based philosophy behind Kahoot!, how Kahoot! works, a handful of inspiring ways to play the game and the impact Kahoot! has on the classroom.

Training - Prezi, Nearpod and Kahoot

Left to right: Aishah Safurah (Office of the Director) and Aniza Ahmad (Research and Learning Department) enjoyed their prizes while learning and playing during the session.

The two workshops illustrated different tools that can be used to deliver a Better Teaching, Better Learning experience and were both focusing on one goal: how to utilise technology to better impact student learning and retention.

As a facilitator of the workshop, it was great for me to see all participants engaged and fully participating in the training. I have also found that facilitating the peer-learning sessions offers me the opportunity to learn about the topics much more deeply, and to be able to deliver the knowledge. It also does increase my personal confidence level in the presented topics.

Hien Tran
Liaison Librarian for the School of Engineering/IT
Research and Learning department