Welcome to the Library and Learning Commons!

Once again the Library and Learning Commons is abuzz, filled with the sense of excitement, anxiety and anticipation that accompanies the beginning of each new semester. Whether you are a newly enrolled or returning student, I would like to wish all of you a warm welcome.

I would like to highlight a number of new and exciting changes which we hope will enhance your experience on your journey at Monash Malaysia.

In 2015, the Library remained the most popular space on campus. With almost 1.2 million entries, the Library was often over-crowded, noisy and offering a less than ideal learning environment. Feedback from the Insync ‘student-only’ survey confirmed the need to address the above areas of concern and to improve the student experience. While the Library may need to be accommodated in a new building in the future, the campus recognised the urgency to expand the Library and Learning Commons in the meantime.

In December 2015, the Library embarked on an expansion project adjacent to the third floor of the Library. The construction and remodeling works are well underway and on target. The new space is anticipated to be operational by mid-April 2016. It will provide an additional footage of 546 sqm or 200 seats, available in a combination of individual study spaces, a welcoming lounge, 2 print stations, a collaborative area and an innovative maker space. This will bring the seating capacity of the Library to over 1,000 seats. We will update you on the opening of the expansion soon. Stay tuned!

The Quiet Zone at Level 2 now offers 240 seats for individual study. We have just replaced the old squeaky office chairs with new, sturdier ones. The Library staff will continue to patrol the Quiet Zone during peak times in an effort to provide an environment conducive to quiet study and individual learning. For small group discussions, you can use the Library’s online booking system to reserve one of the Discussion Rooms or the Library Seminar Room. The latter is available for students when not in use by the Learning Skills Advisers or Liaison Librarians.

On the first floor of the Library, you may have noticed that the old Info Desk service point has disappeared. It was replaced by a freshly designed lobby that will soon accommodate 5 new Terminal Express stations and the “Visitor terminal’. We also simplified our service points in order to provide consistent quality service and enhance communication with users. We have consolidated all lending transactions, general assistance and basic reference queries to the “Information Services” Counter located at the entrance of the Library, Level 1. Do not hesitate to stop by the Counter to ask for assistance or learn about the Library’s collections, e-resources and services!

The team of Liaison Librarians is available by appointment to help you define your research topic and find academic sources to complete your assignments and research projects. Each Liaison Librarian, assigned to one or more Schools, works closely with academic staff to design and conduct a variety of unit-embedded information research skills programs and customised training workshops.

Check out the library website to locate your Liaison Librarian for assistance, to make an appointment or to learn about upcoming events.

Last but not least, the Library will trial the much awaited extended hours, from 11.00pm to 02.00am, during the examination period starting in May 2016.

Once again, I am extending my best wishes for the semester ahead.

Isabelle Eula
March 2, 2016