Welcome to Your Library

Welcome Whether you are new to Monash or starting another academic year, I wish to welcome you to the Library and Learning Commons.

Acknowledging the continuous need to provide more and better learning spaces, the Library is actively pursuing its physical transformation with several exciting building projects that should be completed by the end of March 2017.

Launched last April and after several months of intensive renovation and building extensions at Level 3, the Library now offers both contemporary and personalised learning spaces. Not only does the Library provide an increased seating capacity of 1,100 in various configurations, it is also refitted with new carpeting, study chairs, and comfortable armchairs, all of which have been well received by students. The record number of visits registered in 2016 (1,827,000 entries) confirms that the Library is the academic heart of the campus and a favorite place for learning and sharing of knowledge.

While you were on term break in January and February, the transformation of the Library continued with renovation and/or creation of three new exciting spaces:

  • The Library’s training room has been expanded and improved. Upon re-opening early March, it will offer a total of 42 seats with upgraded features such as writing walls and projection facilities.
  • Subsequent to the discontinuation of laptop loans in December 2016, we are re-deploying them into two new bespoke laptop-only zones that will provide sustainable access to computing facilities while further increasing the Library’s seating capacity. Further information will be communicated in March 2017 as these 2 new spaces come to life.

For the second consecutive year, supported by ongoing professional development, librarians at Information Services points are ready to provide enhanced assistance and reference services. Do not hesitate to approach them to enquire about the Library’s collections, e-resources and new services.

The integration of the services provided by Learning Skills Advisers and the Liaisons Librarians under the same roof has perhaps been one of the most exciting news of 2016. Located at Level 2, they are available by appointment to help you define your research topic, find relevant academic sources, write sound academic papers or hone study skills. Most importantly, they collaborate with academic staff to develop and deliver customised and embedded research and learning skills programs, which will equip you with the skills necessary to succeed academically and excel in the work place. Check the revamped library website to locate your Liaison Librarian or Learning Skills Adviser.

And last but not least, the Library is about to launch its Facebook platform to promote its services and programs and to engage with the Monash community more broadly. Stay tuned!

As you are about to embark in this exciting journey, I invite you to visit the Library and Learning Commons - in person or virtually - and to discover how our collections, staff, and learning spaces can help you to meet your academic needs and lifelong learning goals.

Best wishes for the semester ahead!

Isabelle Eula
22 February 2017