Key directions

The Library Plan 2021 provides response to Monash Malaysia Plan 2021-2023 outlining its priority areas of focus:

  • We will continue to improve the relevance and discoverability of information resources.
  • We will contribute to the implementation of the campus ‘Beyond 2020’ online experience.
  • We will pursue the physical transformation of the Main campus library.
  • We will pursue targeted collaborations with Schools to embed skills development.
  • We will streamline our support programs to foster impactful research.
  • We will upgrade our systems infrastructure jointly with Monash University Library.
  • We will rethink our web presence jointly with Monash University Library.
  • We will pursue mutually-beneficial opportunities for partnerships within the University and regionally.

In order to achieve our plan and sustain our role in education and research, we will continue to seek strategic support from the senior administration and will secure adequate funding across all areas of Library endeavour.

View the Malaysia Library Strategy Map 2021

Isabelle Eula
20 January 2021