Who we are

We are a specialist team of librarians and learning skills advisers who contribute to curriculum innovation and enable students and staff to achieve their education and research goals. We are committed to delivering a true Monash quality experience.

Message from the Director

Isabelle Eula

Recognising the Library’s changing role in the competitive digital environment and the emergence of new information roles, the Library and Learning Commons is pursuing its ambitious journey of transformation to meet the University’s aspirations and evolving goals.

The beginning of the year 2017 has been marked by continued development, consolidation and steady progress towards achieving the Library’s vision and goals, particularly as they relate to enhancing the student experience, improving learning spaces, strengthening information and research skills development, and pursuing effective collaborations with the Schools and academic staff.

Following in Monash University Australia Library’s footsteps, the Library and Learning Commons is actively implementing the Research Skill Development framework, a campus strategic initiative articulated in the Campus Education Strategic Plan. The endeavour brings academic staff, librarians and learning skills advisers together for ensuring the explicit development of information research, learning and employability skills in the curriculum.

The Library and Learning Commons is on target to meet its strategic plan, confirming its ability to re-invent itself as an effective partner of Monash University Malaysia’s academic community.

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