Asian Open Access Regional Survey

9 June 2017

Asia Open AccessHave you wondered about Open Access adoption in Asia? What does the Asian OA landscape look like?

In early 2017, a survey was undertaken by Asia OA, a special forum hosted by COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories) and their survey report has just been released.

Some general observations of the survey are:

  • “The continent of Asia is rapidly increasing in prominence on the world stage, both in terms of R&D as well as scientific production.”
  • “As with other continents, open access policies and practices are being adopted in Asia, although progress varies greatly across different jurisdictions and locations” and the current state of open access in 16 regions of Asia is provided in the report
  • There is often a mismatch in terms of policy, funding and practices
  • Engagement at the continental level through Asia OA can help countries make progress in their local environments.

The full report of the survey is posted on the COAR website: