Vision and mission

Our Vision

Underpinned by Monash University Malaysia’s pursuit of excellence as a premier research intensive institution committed to nurturing visionary, responsible and effective leaders, the Library plays a key role in enriching student experience and employability by strengthening education, research and capability.

Our Mission

The Library contributes to the vision of the University as a premier research intensive institution by providing outstanding information resources, services and learning spaces, research and learning skills development, scholarly communication and innovative use of technology. The Library is committed to delivering authentic Monash quality experience and to enabling students and staff to achieve their education and research goals.

Guiding principles

The Library is committed to academic excellence through value to the University, professionalism, accountability, meaningful collaborations and engagement with the broader Monash community.

We contribute to the University’s mission through the highest level of service supported by learner-centred environments in a spirit of respect, diversity and integrity.

We strive for excellence by continuously enhancing our body of knowledge, work practices and standards through lifelong learning and professional development.

We fulfil both individual commitment and collective responsibility to deliver results in order to realise the University’s goals.

We support a climate of collaboration and peer learning that builds upon effective cross-campus partnerships.

We contribute to the University’s intellectual and cultural life by fostering campus, community and social engagement.