Gifts and donations

We welcome gifts and donations of scholarly works in relevant disciplines that add value to our collections at Monash University Malaysia. Your gift items and donations will be reviewed and added to the collection selectively based on relevance and pertinence to our areas of research and interests.

As part of our collection development policy, we will not accept:

  • outdated textbooks,
  • damaged books or books in poor physical conditions,
  • duplicate titles,
  • periodicals such as magazines and/ or journals, and
  • books in a language/s that are not included in our collection development policy

We will not retain unselected items. The Library reserves the right to dispose of unselected items in an appropriate manner conforming to library best practices.

To donate materials or for further details, please contact us at

If you wish to receive an acknowledgement for your gift, let us know. If your gift is added to our collection, we will indicate your contribution in the physical item(s).