Data collection and management

Learn how to manage and publish your research data and collections for compliance, impact, and greater engagement.

Data Management at Monash

At Monash University Malaysia, we can help you understand research data requirements and your responsibilities as a researcher to manage your data more efficiently.

Working with Research Data

Planning - A planned approach to managing data can help you troubleshoot potential problems early and maximise your impact.
Collection - Learn about the different survey tools and which one is right for your research.
Security Classifications - Learn the different classifications to ensure you are meeting your storage and data management requirements.
Storage - Learn the different storage options available to you, how to access them, and which one is right for your research.
Bridges - Monash University's repository for research data, collections, and research activity outputs.
Publishing - Publish your research data and collections for compliance and greater engagement.
Retention and disposal - Know your obligations for retaining and disposing research data and collections.

Help & Support

All guidelines - Browse all of our guides on managing and publishing research data.

Contact Us - Request a consultation for data management and other data related issues by emailing