Unit-embedded workshops/classes

Requesting a unit embedded workshop/class

  • Academic staff, who would like to request a program for their students may provide the research project and /or assignment topics to the School Liaisons assigned to their respective Schools at least one week in advance. The School Liaisons Librarian will customize the program content and format to meet the unit’s research requirements
  • Classes with large number of students will be divided into smaller groups of 20 to 24 students. In collaboration with academic staff, the team of school liaisons will develop a detailed timetable for all required sessions
  • Research skills programs will be conducted in the Library Training Room. Academic staff are invited to send students, in groups according to the timetable, to the Library Training Room. In the event the Library Training Room is already booked, academic staff may have to coordinate and arrange to reserve one of ITS-computer labs
  • The team of school liaisons is committed to partner with all unit coordinators to further incorporate research and academic skills into units that require students to undertake substantial library research work. To initiate the integration process, unit coordinators are invited to contact the Senior Manager, Research and Learning.

Please note that unit-embedded classes will be coming soon.