New laptop zones now open

Laptop zone1 Laptop Zone 2

Dear students:

After several months of transformation and renovation, the two brand-new laptop designated zones opened today, offering an additional capacity of 58 seats and increasing permanent access to computing facilities. This brings the number of desktops/laptops available throughout the Library to 215 computers and to 1174 seats, aligning MUM Library with MUA’s Matheson Library with a seating ratio of 1:6.60.

In addition, the new Research and Learning point (Level 2), to be open on 12 June 2017, will allow you to meet with library staff for your information research and learning needs.

I am also pleased to announce that the Library will extend its opening hours during the SWOT period, from 29 May to 20 June 2017. While the main library will close its doors at 12.00am (midnight), the library expansion (Lounge, Learn, Contemplate, Create and Engage areas) will be open 24/7 for the duration of the SWOT period. These areas will be patrolled by Security personnel on an hourly basis.

For further details on opening hours, you may refer to the Google Calendar on the LLC website:

Laptop Zone 3 Laptop Zone 4

With exams at the corner, the Library is once again abuzz with activities. I ask of your help in supporting the Library’s efforts to provide an effective learning environment to all students:

  • Help us curb seat hogging!
    The library will launch a seat hogging campaign during the SWOT period. The campaign can only work with your cooperation in supporting the Library’s efforts and in raising awareness among students that ‘seat hogging’ is no fair play.
  • Keep the Quiet Zone (Level 2) silent at all times. 
    If you wish to have a conversation with your friends, or if you wish to use your phone, do it outside the Quiet Zone.
  • Pick up your assignment drafts, notes, print outs and paper cups, and clean up your space before exiting the Library, so that your friends too can enjoy studying in a clean and tidy space.

As I conclude my update, I wish to take this opportunity to wish you the best with your exams. If you need help, check the library website to locate your Liaison Librarian or Learning Skills Adviser.

Warm regards.

Isabelle Eula
Director, Library and Learning Commons

22 May 2017