Principal Investigator, Dr Chong Meng Nan Leads New Water Journal from Springer

A new water journal published by Springer entitled ‘Water Conservation Science & Engineering’ is established under the leadership of our AEP Principal Investigator, Dr. Chong Meng Nan. ‘Water is the new oil of the 21st century and we need to conserve this important resource for our future generations to come’, said Dr. Chong. After identifying that there is a knowledge gap related to water conservation practices and also the lack of a suitable platform to communicate and discuss such an important environment issue, this journal was proposed and accepted by Springer. ‘We need to increase the social awareness of the public on issues pertaining to water conservation and we also need to build water resilient communities that are well-informed by scientific and engineering findings’, said Dr. Poh Phaik Eong who is one of the Editor-In-Chiefs. Water Conservation Science & Engineering journal focuses on the multidisciplinary science and engineering in promoting the uptake of sustainable water conservation practices worldwide, including in Malaysia.  The journal publishes on topics not only restricted to science and engineering, but also on the societal, economic, institutional and policy aspects of water sustainability. ‘We hope that this journal will be a success and served as an important vehicle in disseminating useful findings to all’, added Dr. Chong. The journal is now opened for submission and the first issue will be published in March 2016. 

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