Pump Priming Scheme (PPS)

Scope of Specific Calls: Pump Priming Scheme (PPS)

This call aims to help researchers establish and develop new, collaborative links with international partners and leverage larger national or international grants. Thus, AEP will set aside a portion of its funding as catalyst or leverage for large national and international grants. An open call for “Engineering for Sustainable Living” will be issue periodically for teams of researchers to bid and the PPS amount is expected between 30K to 100K. The budget is flexible but cannot be used to fund research in the traditional sense.  

The PPS will be addressing at least one of the challenges identified within the themes. In this way, we can ensure that these PPSs and later the successful grants will contribute to AEP’s aim to achieve HiCoE status. The steering group will be tasked to identify potential PPS bids to fund.

The team must be led by SoE or SoIT academic and may include colleagues from other disciplines and Schools. There must be at least 3 researchers in each team. The sole objective of this PPS is to generate external funding support after the PPS support has ended. Thus, the only KPI for PPS will be to have submitted the intended large bid before the ending of this grant support. It is expected that the successful bids must promise to leverage subsequent grants of at least 10 times the awarded amount, with a minimum amount of 300K.

This call is for Pump Priming scheme under the theme of “Engineering for Sustainable Living”. Each proposal may request an amount of between 30K to 100K for 2017 funding round.

Examples of the types of activities PPS will support include, but are not limited to, the following:  

  • Preliminary study in preparation for large grant submission; for example, common approaches, inter-comparisons and standards, etc. There must be clearly identifiable outcomes which supports the work carried out and are not an end in themselves.  
  • Collaborative secondments and exchanges: building long-term partnerships with overseas centres of excellence, with a view to capacity building and accessing skills;  
  • Development/Coordination of International Programmes and Networks: to coordinate international effort around key regional or global environmental challenges.  
  • Development of local leadership in bidding for large national or international projects;
  • Major international workshops or conferences: these can provide an effective way for researchers (and end-users) to exchange knowledge and skills and enhance capability, understanding of key issues, and dissemination of knowledge.  

Specific requirements:

  • The successful bids must promise to submit industrial, national or international grants of at least 10 times the awarded amount, with a minimum amount of 300K. Failing which the team members (PI and co-I) will not be allowed to participate in future campus wide platform bids.
  • In the case of industrial grants, the subsequently submitted grant amount (KPI) does not include in-kind contribution from industries, i.e. only cash contributions only.

There is no deadline for the PPS scheme.

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