Sustainable and SMART Living Township and Lab (S2L)

Scope of Specific Calls: Sustainable and SMART Living Township and Lab (S2L)

This call aims to help researchers work together towards clearly identifiably and challenging topic under the theme of Engineering for Sustainable Living. The topic selected for this round of funding is “Sustainable and SMART Living (S2L)”. The call envisage researchers develop ideas and concepts in small teams, addressing the questions and challenges faced by urban communities and demonstrate the innovations and functionality within a typical physical urban environment which could be a single living space, blocks of living spaces or township.  

The S2L project consists of 3 phase (due to campus funding constraints) as follows:

  • Year 1 (9 months) [July 2017 - March 2018] : Proof of Concept or Prototype
  • Up to 15 projects, successful completed project will be selected for second year’s “Fine Tuning of PoC/Prototype)
  • Year 2 (12 months): Fine Tuning the Prototype/PoC
  • Projects performed satisfactorily will be selected for Year 3’s funding to develop a “Demonstration Unit”  
  • Year 3 (12 months): Development and Implementation of Demonstration Unit in a “ESl-S2L” environment.

This call is for Phase 1: Proof of concept/ Prototype. Each proposal may request a maximum of 15K for 2017 funding round.

Examples of the types of research activities S2L will support include, but are not limited to, the following:  

  • Research and development of innovative materials to be used in the lab;
  • Development of prototype in the areas of wearable technologies, IoT, new devices, etc;

*New methodology in resources management and improvement of understanding of sustainability concept;

Specific requirements:

  • The final product (at the end of 3rd year) needs to be demonstrated in the ESL-S2L lab or via a suitable mechanism specified in the proposal; The ESL-S2L lab will be a special designated space of area of around 30 m2, comprises of 2 external walls and a roof.
  • The criteria for selection will be based on  
  1. Relevance of proposal to the S2L theme  
  2. PoC/prototype readiness  
  3. Innovative feature(s) of the PoC/prototype
  4. Expertise of team members.
  5. Justification of resources required.

Specific constraints:

  1. We do not anticipate to fund similar projects funded in 2016.A list of previously funded project is available on AEP website or from AEP administrator.
  2. The composition of the team members may be the same for 2016, but we expect the PI to change because of different expertise.
  3. An extension of previously funded projects from lab scale to township scale is insufficient reason and innovation for funding.

The deadline of this call is 15th June 2017, 4pm.

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