Get started: Forms and Documents

Please click the links below to download the necessary documents to initiate your project with us:

  1. Client Order Form (Internal): For Monash staff and students across all campuses
  2. Client Order Form (External): For all non-Monash affiliated external clients
  3. Sample Submission Form: To insert sample info, plate info, gel image and QC info prior to sample delivery.

Library Preparation and Sequencing

Please visit Library Preparation and Sequencing page.


Due to the complexity of choices, nature and variable number of sample of each NGS project, we would provide pricing on a case-by-case basis by consulting with clients and their corresponding Principle Investigator/Supervisor.

For detailed inquiries, please contact us at

The Process Flow:

Service InquiryContact MUMGF or Platform Manager to inquire services needed (Client Order Form: Internal, External)
Project ConsultationConsult on project details, sample type, services type and sequencing configuration required
Confirmation of PricingMUMGF will generate quotation based on services to be provided
Service AgreementClient and MUMGF to sign on Service Agreement form to confirm service acceptance and project initiation
Sample Submission + Initial QCClient to submit Sample Submission Form prior to delivering samples and MUMGF to evaluate client's QC and gel image to confirm acceptability of samples. Client can deliver samples once accepted.
Library Preparation + QCApplication-specific procedures to be applied
SequencingConfigurable type of sequencing and output of choice
Data DeliverySummary of sequencing information and data in FASTQ format will be delivered using cloud services or physical drive transfer. (Optional: Assembly or other analysis is upon request)
BillingIssuance of invoice to initiate payment
Project completionProject completes upon receipt of payment