Library Prep & Sequencing

Library Preparation

DNA size selection

  • Using Covaris M220 Focused-Ultrasonicator™ (100 bp to 1,000 bp)
  • Using BluePippin with Pulsed-Field electrophoresis (100 bp to 50 kb)


  • Library preparation for Next Generation Sequencing (Illumina)
  • Custom amplicon for 16s metagenomics (V3 & V4)
  • ddRAD library preparation
  • Microsatellite amplicon
  • COI barcoding amplicon


  • mRNA, poly-A enrichment
  • Small RNA isolation

Sample pre- & post- QC assessment

  • Bioanalyzer or Tapestation, RNA integrity (RIN)
  • Bioanalyzer or Tapestation, low concentration DNA/RNA length measuring
  • Qubit, quantitative fluorescence of DNA/RNA
  • qPCR

Sequencing Services

All our in-house sequencing activity runs on our own Illumina MiSeq system.

Below are the common sequencing application types we offer:

  1. Mitogenome Sequencing
  2. Whole Genome Sequencing (small genomes)
  3. Amplicon Sequencing
  4. Transcriptome Sequencing
  5. Small RNA Sequencing
  6. Metagenome Sequencing
  7. ddRAD
  8. Bisulfite Sequencing