Sequencing Library Preparation

DNA size selection

- Using Covaris M220 Focused-Ultrasonicator™ (100bp to 1,000bp)

- Using BluePippin with Pulsed-Field (100 bp to 50 kb)


- Library preparation for Next Generation Sequencing (Illumina)

- Custom amplicon for 16s metagenomics (v3-v4)

- ddRAF library preparation

- Microsatellite amplicon

- COI barcoding amplicon


- mRNA, poly-A enrichment

- Small RNA isolation 

Sample pre- and post- QC assessment

- Bioanalyzer/Tapestation, RNA integrity (RIN)

- Bioanalyser Tapestation, low concentration DNA/RNA length measuring

- Qubit, quantitative fluorescence of DNA/RNA

- qPCR

Sequencing Services

All our in-house sequencing activity runs on an Illumina MiSeq system.

Below are the common sequencing application types we offer:

1) Mitogenome Sequencing

2) Whole Genome Sequencing (small genomes)

3) Amplicon Sequencing

4) Transcriptome Sequencing

5) Small RNA Sequencing

6) Metagenome Sequencing

7) ddRAD 

8) Bisulfite Sequencing

Bioinformatics Support

We offer a wide arrange of bioinformatics analyses to help researchers in the interpretation of their data and provide solutions to solve their research problems. The supports include:

- Next-generation sequencing data analyses (RNA-seq, Whole-genome sequencing, Exome sequencing)

- Bacterial Genome Assembly

- Bacterial Genome Annotation

- Mitochondrial Assembly

- Mitochondrial Annotation

- Metagenomics (16S, Shotgun Metagenomics)

- Phylogenetic analysis

- Microbial ANI and AAI analysis

- Pan-genome analysis

- Genomic Islands analysis

- Microbial virulence gene prediction

- Gene Clustering analysis

- SNP analysis

- Bacterial and Mitochondrial Genome NCBI submission and publication


Due to the complexity of choices, nature and variable number of sample of each NGS project, we would provide pricing on a case-by-case basis by consulting with clients and their corresponding Principle Investigator/Supervisor.

Please contact Ms Lee Yin Peng at for details inquiries.
For other inquiries, please contact us.