Dr. Angeline Wong Wei Wei

Malaysia Immersion and Pathways

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Room 2-6-44

Dr. Angeline Wong is a lecturer at Malaysia Immersion and Pathways, Monash University Malaysia. She teaches General Studies Units and is actively involved in research on ethnic studies, inter ethnic engagement and cultural studies. She obtained her PhD in Ethnic Studies at the Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA), National University of Malaysia.  Her Ph.D. thesis focused on representations of dialogue and negotiation in inter-ethnic romantic relationships in Malaysian indie films. She has 15 years of teaching experience in public and private universities in the fields of comparative literature, literature and the media, postcolonial literature, communication and language studies.

Academic Qualifications

Ph.D. (Ethnic Studies), National University of Malaysia

Master of Arts (English Language Studies), National University of Malaysia

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Language Studies, National University of Malaysia (Major: English Language Studies, Minor: TESL)


Angeline's research interests include ethnic relations, ethnic identity, media and cultural studies.  She is currently a co-researcher of a project (November 2021 - current) funded by Yayasan Belia Buddhist Malaysia on traditional Chinese religions and conversion among the Malaysian Chinese community. Since 2021, Angeline has been appointed as an associate researcher for the Initiative for the Study of Asian Catholics (ISAC). Previously, she worked on a project entitled Transcultural Adaptability and Engagement Amongst the Malaysian Catholic Community: A Journey from the Nineteenth Century to the Millennium, funded by Catholic Research Centre, Malaysia from June 2016 to August 2018.

Book chapter

Pillai, S., Leong, P.P.Y., Perry, M.S., & Wong, A.W.W.  Dialogical intersections of Tamil and Chinese ethnic identity in the Catholic church of Peninsular Malaysia.  Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature 13(2): 167-181.   https://journals.iium.edu.my/asiatic/index.php/ajell/article/view/1675

Wong, A. W. W., Pillai, S. P., & Ong, P. L.  2018.  The golden era of the Malaysian film industry: Cross-cultural dialogue and negotiations of ethnicity in a budding nation.  Kajian Malaysia 36(1):  1-24.

Pillai, S., Wong, A. W. W. & Gidah, M. E. 2012. Towards the global postgraduate: dynamic teaching-learning environments for optimum transfer of knowledge.  Procedia-Social and Behavioural Sciences 59: 248-253.

Pillai, S. & Wong, A. W. W. 2012. The Malaysian melody in minor key in colonial narratives. In Ruzy Suliza Hashim (ed.) Literary Studies and Multi-varied Realities.  Bangi: Penerbit UKM.

Wong, A. W. W. 2007. The Eastern melody in minor key: Re-reading colonial discourse and ideology in Maugham's Malaysian short stories. In Ganakumaran Subramaniam, Shanthini Pillai and Hafriza Burhanudeen (eds.) Reconstructing Realities: Occident-Orient Engagements. Petaling Jaya: Pearson Malaysia.

Wong, A. W. W. 2007. Diaspora reading approach. In Ganakumaran Subramaniam (Ed.). Approaches to Teaching Literature: Theory and Practice.
MELTA-Sasbadi ELT Series.  Petaling Jaya: Sasbadi.

Conference presentation

American Academy of Religion 2021 (23 November 2021) - Zoom "Translocal Tractions: Legacies of Faith Practices Among Malaysian Chinese Catholics of Hakka Origins" (Panel Presenter).

Forum on “A Dialogue on the Practice of Good Behaviour & Morality of Rukun Negara in Everyday Life in Malaysia” (21 November 2020). - Zoom "Kesopanan Seharian yang Menghayati Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan" (Forum Panel Member)

SEASIA Biennial Conference 2019 (5-7 December 2019) - Academia Sinica Taipei, Taiwan. "Love Knows No Boundaries? An Exploration of the Possibilities of Inter-Ethnic Negotiation and Engagement within Malaysian Reel Narratives" (Presenter)

Forum on “Faith and Culture Among Chinese and Tamil Catholic Communities in Peninsular Malaysia” (20 July 2019) - Church of Divine Mercy, Shah Alam, Selangor. "Chinese Transcultural Adaptation in The Malaysian Catholic Church" (Forum Panelist)

Kolokium Siswazah KITA (18 October 2019) - Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA), National University of Malaysia. "Dialogue and Negotiation in Inter-Ethnic Romantic Relationships in Malaysian Indie Films" (Presenter)

Ethnic Conflicts and Social Movements - Malaysia Experience Lecture Series at the Initial Workshop on "Ethnic Conflict and Justice: Inter-Asia Societies in Global Contexts" (9 December 2016) - National Chiau Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan. "Cross-cultural Dialogue and Negotiations of Ethnicity in the Films of the Golden Era of Malaysian Cinema" (Guest Lecture)

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Angeline's areas of supervision include ethnic, media and cultural studies.