Dr. Caryn Lim

Academic Lead (Immersion)
Malaysia Immersion Hub

+603 5514 4440
Room 2-6-42A

Dr. Caryn Lim is an academic coordinator at the Malaysia Immersion Hub. As part of this role, she assists in the development and delivery of various field-based units including the Global Immersion Guarantee and Special Topic in Social Science.

Dr. Lim’s research interests lie broadly in Cultural Studies. She completed her PhD with Monash University Malaysia in 2019. Her PhD thesis explored contemporary Chinese Malaysia death spaces and practices.

She is currently working on various projects which aim to engage students in new ways outside of the classroom.

Research Interests

Dr. Caryn Lim’s research currently focuses on Chinese Malaysian death spaces and practices. Her PhD thesis sought to understand the impact of commercialised cemetery spaces and large scale bereavement organisations on Chinese Malaysian relations with the dead. She also explored the ways in which Chinese Malaysians understand themselves as moderns, and how this modern Chinese Malaysian identity produces and is produced by particular death practices and spaces.

In the past, she also worked on issues of identity politics and the negotiation of ethnic identity among individuals who considered themselves “mixed-race”. Her research findings from this project have been published and contribute to an expanding understanding of ethnic identity negotiation. Her research further sheds light on identity politics in Malaysia and problematises officialised discourses that constitute Malaysians as racial subjects.


Dr. Caryn Lim's work currently centers around developing creative and experiential learning opportunities for students. She assists in the development of online learning modules that facilitate independent learning while remaining interactive.

She is currently also working on several exhibition project which offer a space for students as well as the wider public to engage with narratives about Malaysia and its inhabitants otherwise unheard.


Lim, Caryn
(2017) ‘Being “Mixed” in Malaysia: Negotiating Ethnic Identity in a Racialized Context’, in Zarine L. Rocha and Farida Fozdar (eds.), Mixed Race in Asia: Past, Present and Future (New York: Routledge).

Ferrarese, Marco, Joseph N. Goh, Julian C. H. Lee and Caryn Lim (2015) ‘Identity Formations in Contemporary Malaysia: Traversing and Transcending Ethnicity’, in James Chin and Joern Dosch (eds.), Malaysia Post-Mahathir: A Decade of Change? (Singapore: Marshall Cavendish Editions).

Lee, Julian C. H. and Caryn Lim (2015) ‘Malaysia’, in Jesudas M. Athyal (ed.), Religion in Southeast Asia: An Encyclopaedia of Faiths and Cultures (California: ABC-CLIO).

Lim, Caryn (2012) ‘Locating “Mixed” Identities in a Racialized Society’, in Julian Hopkins and Julian C. H. Lee (eds.), Thinking Through Malaysia: Culture and Identity in the 21st Century (Selangor: SIRD).

Conference Proceedings

Lim, Caryn (2012) “Being ‘Mixed’ in Malaysia: Perspectives on Ethnic Diversity”, in Mohd Hazim Shah and Saliha Hassan (editors), Proceedings of the 8th International Malaysian Studies Conference: Transition and Transformation – State, Market, and Culture in a Period of Rapid Change, Malaysian Social Science Association, Malaysia.

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